Always keep your high-quality dog bed fresh.

For a dog, what could be better than frolicking through fields, jumping into puddles or digging big holes in the dirt? And then, of course, stretching out comfortably in bed to dream of past adventures. Undeniably, beautiful high-quality dog beds will get dirty. But don’t worry; all Cloud7 duvet covers are machine washable.

Four-legged friends don’t have to curl up in a corner or sleep on the couch while the washing machine is running. All covers for nearly every model are also available separately in different sizes and colors.

It doesn’t always take a dirty dog ​​to change a bed cover. A fresh cover can freshen up any home and make sure that your furry friend’s high-quality dog bed is always an eye-catching design statement in your tastefully furnished home.

Thanks to the hand-filled chambers and superior filling made of Latex and polyester flakes, Cloud7's high-quality dog beds retain their shape without the risk of sagging. Not only do our beloved four-legged friends get older with time, but so too do their favorite sleeping spots. With a fresh, new cover, Cloud7 high-quality dog beds can look brand new again, allowing dogs to enjoy many beautiful dreams to come.