1. Draped Cloud7 dog leash in fabric with cornflower pattern
    Dog Leash Cornfield
    Special Price €41.00 Regular Price €59.00
  2. Draped cotton dog leash Coco Taupe
    Dog Leash Coco Taupe
  3. Aufgerollte Hundeleine mit Handschlafe aus grauem Stoff mit silbernem Karabiner
    Dog Leash Coco Taupe with Hand Loop

Webbing Leashes

Uncomplicated beauties: the textile guide lines.

Some dogs simply trot on the leash, others type and hop excitedly, while others stroll just as relaxed as their masters. And of course there are also those four-legged friends who strut on the leash with their heads raised.

For all those, the super-light "COCO" and "HUGO" and "GRACE" lines are the perfect companions for relaxed walks in the city or park. With their simple elegance, they attract attention and testify to taste and a sense of style.

Perfectly combined functionality and aesthetics.

With the Webbing Leashes Cloud7 has created the perfect combination of elegant beauty and practical functionality.

The linen is handmade from organic cotton, combined with a contrast decorative band of Italian linen. Completed with light metal parts in elegant silver, the lines convince over their entire length.

- The light grey line "COCO" is a special eye-catcher on every excursion.

- The black "HUGO" looks elegant on every walk.

- The ingenious "GRACE" brings color to the multicolored stripe band in every walk round.

Of course only the best quality materials are chosen. These are carefully processed by hand in a manufactory. Despite their low weight, Cloud7 textile lines are extremely tear-resistant and durable. The lines can also be easily washed in the washing machine.

Convincing over the whole length.

The Cloud7 cloth lines are available in different versions:

For a leisurely stroll in the city there is the handy dog leash with a length of 120cm. This allows the dog to walk relaxed on foot, even when things get hectic. These are available in widths of 15 and 20 mm and, thanks to the practical hand strap, are always easy to hold.

The adjustable 2-metre leash is recommended for an extensive sniffing walk in the woods. This can be adjusted by the integrated intermediate rings simply on three different lengths - from long for relaxed sniffing over middle up to short, if the quadruped needs a little more control times.

Everything under control in style.

With a Cloud7 textile leash the walk on the leash is a special pleasure. The four-legged friend has a stylish appearance everywhere - together with a suitable Cloud7 textile collar of course all the more.