Leather Care

The best care for beautiful leather leashes and collars.

Whether on rainy gas rounds, adventure walks in the forest or while playing extensively in the park, the dog leashes and collars of Cloud7 are used every day properly.

So that the beautiful leather collars and leashes stay beautiful for a long time, there are suitable care products for all leather products.

Nubuck leather: This keeps it beautiful and supple for a long time.

Nubuck leather is a particularly fine suede leather. It is slightly sanded on the grain side, which gives it a velvety character. Nubuck leather is also extremely breathable. However, it should be cleaned regularly to prevent permanent stains.

Simply brush away light soiling.

Nubuck leather products should be brushed off at shorter intervals. For light soiling it is recommended to clean the leather dry with a soft brush or with a damp cloth.

A clean thing: the leather detergent.

For a complete cleaning we recommend hand washing with leather detergent. Then allow the nubuck leather to dry until all moisture has evaporated from the leather to avoid unpleasant odours or mould after cleaning.

In general, polishes and creams should be avoided when caring for nubuck leather. The use of such products smoothes the velvety surface structure and the leather loses its soft characteristics.

Protects beautiful leather: the leather impregnation spray

In order to protect nubuck leather collars and leashes from moisture and dirt, the leather should be treated with impregnation if necessary. This keeps the surface clean and the resulting patina becomes more even.

Smooth leather: The right care keeps it soft and well-groomed.

Smooth leather is available in many different types. For some, the natural scar structure is visible, others are smooth throughout. To prevent stains and bleaching, all smooth leather products should be regularly treated with a special leather grease.

The fat is best applied thinly to the leather with a soft cotton cloth and massaged in. This impregnates the smooth leather and keeps it soft and supple for a long time while retaining its shine.