Dog Owner

When the dog goes out for a longer walk or for a short trip, he never does it alone. Very handy when the master has everything in place that is needed when being en route.

The stylish and spacious All-in-Bag is just perfect to store all essential things from food, bowl, collars & leash, the favourite toy and blanket, the Walking-Bag with shoulder straps and various pockets to store everything one needs for a longer walk to the park, or the practical Goodie-Bag. All made from water-repellant and durable fabric in beautiful graphite tone.

Also very popular the range of silk printed Shoppers with dog lovers message or Deco Dog Johan, a quiet friend for the home who is never hungry and never has to go for a walk.

Exclusive at Cloud7 the probably smartest dog magazine in the world; Four & Sons from Australia with amazing photographs and stories about dog and culture.