Dog Owner

Looking good next to your dog. Quality products for the dog owner.

To ensure the whole pack has what they need, Cloud7 also offers stylish products for dog owners. Just like the dog equipment from Cloud7, the products for dog owners offer elegance and sophistication, hand in hand with functionality. Intelligent design, high-quality materials, the best quality and sustainable production — this is to create products for dog owners that enrich the daily lives of the whole pack.

Anytime you’re out with your dog, it’s likely you need a few extra items to go along with the outing: a collar, leash, treats, cleanup bags, toys, balls, dummies and more. And if you’re traveling, the load adds up fast with bowls, dog food, and the sleeping blanket. Cloud7 bags are just one of many products for dog owners that keeps life simple. There’s a place for all your essentials.

The GOODIE-BAG is the ideal companion for short walks. Waterproof fabric, integrated cleanup bag dispenser, easy attachment options and — particularly important — plenty of space for tasty dog treats and other must-have items for a good walk.

Very handy the super light Cloud7 BACK-PACK, uncomplicated and convenient to store all the daily stuff the dog and his master needs for a quick and spontaneous trip around town.

And for those who need a little extra storage, the practical WALKING BAG is here to help. The chic bag boasts various compartments that can carry all you might want for a stroll — and even an assortment of dog toys.

If a larger excursion is on the horizon, or even a little weekend trips for that matter, the ALL-IN-BAG is a perfect travel buddy. Made of water-repellent fabric, this elegant bag features high-quality leather handles and detailing. It offers plenty of space for all the necessities your pup could possibly need and then some.

The CANVAS SHOPPER by Cloud7 is Ideal for dog lovers who want to show off while shopping. Available in 4 selected natural colors, the tote bags are made of organic materials and given a doggy design by hand screen printing.

For those who want a dog but aren’t able have one, the Cloud7 Deco Dog JOHAN is a fantastic addition to the home and more than simply one of many products for dog owners. He is a quiet, affectionate fellow, works well with other dogs, cats and children and never wants to go for a walk in the rain.

The most unique dog literature in the world is quite likely to be Four & Sons, hailing from Australia. In this high-quality magazine, art, culture and dogs all come together in their best possible form: These extraordinary stories inspire dog fans all over the world.

It doesn’t always have to be wine, chocolate or flowers. If you want to give the dog lover in your life a truly valued gift, a beautifully designed Cloud7 gift certificate is an excellent choice.