Dog Training Set Heather Brown

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Cloud7 training set consisting of a 150g pack "dog snack lütt" and the popular Cloud7 "treat dummy" The air-dried dog snacks made from 100% wild are perfect for use in the dummy. The packaging of 150g contains irregularly large round parts (1 - 1,5 cm) of deer.

Content: 1x Dog Snack Lütt 150g + Cloud7 Treat Dummy Heather Brown

Mixture Lütt: 97,6% meat and animal by-products from the wild, 2% vegetable by-products (flax flour), 0.4% minerals (sea salt)

Content: 150 g (5,27 € / 100 g)

Material Treat Dummy: Organic cotton canvas

Handle: Wood

Washing instructions: Delicates 30 degrees