Dog Coats with belly protection

Stylish dog coats that cut a fine figure in any weather.

Not every dog is a shaggy Newfoundland who defies any wind and weather unimpressed. Many races from the warm south possess for example only a short-haired "summer-fur" without dense undercoat in contrast to the Newfoundlander. Perfect for hot days in warm regions, bad in the cold, rainy autumn and winter months.

This can result in chills and resulting diseases such as back pain, cystitis or a weakening of the immune system. Also bacterial and viral infections are favoured by cold weakening.

Cloud7 has developed a range of functional dog clothing for the affected four-legged friends. More than 2 years of development work were invested to tailor THE perfect dog coat. And although the different dog coat models are quite new in the Cloud7 range, they have developed into an absolute classic within a very short time and have loyal fans all over the world.

Minimalist design with extra functionality.

The Cloud7 dog coats are sophisticated garments, which are perfectly tailored to the needs of the dog. With a Cloud7 coat your dog will wear a product that combines an elegant appearance with perfect functionality.

For dogs with style and high demands.

The design is convincing in the typical Cloud7 style: minimalistically reduced to the essentials yet full of thoughtful details.

The well thought-out and perfect cut is unique. No other dog coat on the market can be put on and taken off so easily and uncomplicatedly within seconds: without any annoying, for the dog unpleasant paws through openings. The super-light coat is simply put over the head and fastened with a velcro fastener around the belly. An elastic band additionally fixes the end of the coat - so nothing slips or flaps. Thanks to this perfect fit and the low dead weight, your dog will hardly notice that he is wearing a coat. Through the small opening with zipper the leash can easily be attached to a collar or chest harness.

As with all Cloud7 products, very high quality fabrics are used in the dog jackets. Quality, longevity and sustainability are important factors in the production process. So dog, people and nature can enjoy it for a long time.

Pleasantly warm in all weathers.

Adventures and walks are only half as beautiful in cold and wet weather. So that sensitive four-legged friends can enjoy the trip even in adverse weather, the dog coats from Cloud7 are completely tailored to their needs.

- the "BROOKLYN" keeps the dog dry and warm without sweating thanks to its robust, waterproof outer material; the stylish collar and soft, cuddly lining of warming fleece keep the dog dry and warm without sweating.

- the "OXFORD" coat keeps the dog nice and warm with its waterproof outer material on the hull and warm inner lining and the cuddly fleece in the chest area. This is stretchy and offers additional freedom of movement.

- the dog sweater "DEVON" keeps you wonderfully warm on cold, dry days and looks elegant with the beautiful fish degree fabric.

Only Cloud7 offers each coat in 12 different sizes. So dogs of every size and breed are guaranteed to find the right cut for them.

Easy to clean and practical: the Cloud7 coat for the dog.

The Cloud7 dog coat does not only look very chic and helps to keep the dog warm and dry even during rainy walks or waiting times, e.g. on the dog training area - it also significantly reduces the amount of moisture and dirt that is brought into the apartment or car. The drying of the dog after the walk goes much faster and it smells much less like wet dog. The coat itself is of course machine-washable and, thanks to the proven Cloud7 quality, retains its beautiful shape even after many washes.