Gastrointestinal Set

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The GASTROINTESTINAL SET + PROBIOTICS combines, in accordance to the corporate philosophy, natural ingredients with innovations from the modern age. It offers a unique combination of capsules and a herbal powder for our four-legged beloved ones. Easy to use this set fits all dog breds and convinces through its composition and quality. The Set is an innovative supplement to support the physiological gastrointestinal passage of your dog. The herbal powder combines carefully selected, harmonious ingredients. Psyllium powder provides valuable fiber for the body. Since antiquity Psyllium powder is highly appreciated. Apple powder and its included pectins support the natural intestinal function. Healing earth is also well known for its countless positive effects. Fennel powder supports to ensure an optimal digestion. Protected through a capsule this set additionally provides the lactic acid bacterium Enterococcus Faecium which gently supports the natural intestinal flora.


Powder: Psyllium Husks, Apple Powder*, Medicinal Clay, Fennel Seed Powder

Capsule: Inulin, Cellulose;  Additives: Enterococcus faecium 2,5 x 10^9 KBE pro Kapsel

*from controlled organic cultivation