Liladent Dental-Care

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It intensively cleans the teeth while nourishing the gums and oral mucosa – thanks to the optimal ingredients. The oral flora is optimised and stabilised with a long-lasting effect. When used regularly, Liladent Dental-Care has a prophylactic effect against dental plaque, tartar and bad breath. It is neutral in odour and taste – making it well accepted by all pets. Excessive bacterial colonisation in the oral cavity and on teeth is thus prevented. 


Apply a thin layer of Liladent Dental-Care onto the Dental Micro-Fleece, then carefully lift your pet’s lips and gently massage teeth and gums. Apply once a week on a prophylactic basis and in case of acute dental plaque or intensive therapy desired, apply up to once daily. It is not necessary to rinse out the oral cavity afterwards. Thanks to its high tolerability, the toothpaste can be swallowed by your pet without any concern.

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