The Dog House: Lukas and Fridolin Lukas and Frido

The Dog House: Lukas and Fridolin

Friends & families of Cloud7 opened up their homes, creative spaces, offices and cafés in this portrait series where we visit and photograph them in their elements whilst answering a series of short questions about their loyal four-legged companion, who are lucky enough to trot along in their daily lives. A portrait like no other, Lukas and Fridolin were our models at a recent campaign shoot. Their unique relationship as well as their mutual wavelength are what led us to capturing their portrait.

Turning heads whenever they went, this duo is relatively hard to miss. Lukas, a photographer by trade and Frido (short for Fridolin), his companion who coincidentally was not at his first and only modelling job walked a short 5 meters before getting stopped by intrigued guests for multiple pets and awed looks at just how elegant the two are. We sat down for a chat with Lukas as Frido gets tossed a bite of nice warm bread.

“I always knew that I’d have my own dog one day and have someone by my side to go through the thick and thin of life together. But the process of finding the right pup for me was honestly not easy. After a handful of rejections from various shelters and rescue organizations, I was on the brink of giving up as I saw the ad with a photo of a 4-month old Podenco mix.” Lukas explained whilst sipping his latte and Frido gives us all a thorough sniff down.

Dog wears Cloud7 Dog Leash Mauerpark Zigzag Black Dog Leash Mauerpark Zigzag Black

“As soon as I saw his face, I was 100% sure that he was the dog for me. On the phone they told me that I had no chance of adopting him in Berlin as the breed was known to be a very agile and high energy hunting dog. But I was determine to prove them that I could do it and how lucky I was to live in a part of Berlin that allow dogs to have their freedom. I begged for a meeting and in the 8 hours at the shelter that felt like a blink of an eye, I was able to convince Selma, Christian and Refugio Gran Canaria e.V. and am so thankful that they decided to put their trust in me.”

The relationship between the two is so special that it radiates through the room. Fridolin trusts Lukas as much as Lukas him seen throughout their interactions of which you just can’t take your eyes off.

“Owning a dog in Berlin is not easy. Everyone seems to be an opinionated expert and wants to always give their two cents. But the community can also bring you the best friendships with other dogs in the city and their people.”

“I’m lucky to have a job that allows him to come with me. It gives me peace of mind to know that I don’t have to worry about him being alone at home. Ever since he was a puppy, he always came with me to studio days and it was important to me that he fully understands where he should be as well as his safe space for stressful situations. Which is why we always have a portable dog bed with us.”

The professional model and set helper Fridi then had the opportunity to test out our newest Canvas Travel Bed at the photoshoot and it is safe to say that it has passed the Fridolin comfort test.

When it comes to warm dog clothes to layer up in winter with, mix-breed dogs and rescue dogs like Fridolin often times are faced with a challenge that it doesn’t fit properly.

“For me, top priority is that the dog feels comfortable with it on as well as the dog jacket should function as a jacket and not an accessory. Very active dogs like Frido tend to get rashes which sometime lead to cuts with most dog coats as they don’t fit well. Cloud7 does it really well when it comes to premium dogwear as shown through the really good materials that can withstand the wild side of dogs.”

“He (Fridolin) gets cold when it hits 10°C! He desperately needs a new jacket!” Lukas said playfully.

Dog wears dog collar Mauerpark Zig Zag Black and lays on Cloud7 Canvas Travel Bed Black Dog Leash Mauerpark Zigzag Black

Frido’s Picks:

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Stay tuned for more of The Dog House: a portrait series.