One of the shelter dogs at our partner NGO Everydaystray in Bulgaria

Memoirs from Cloud7's RESC7UE Community (Part I)

As we launched our new 2021 RESC7UE collection earlier this year, we asked a few of you from our communities to share with us the story of how you met your rescue furry-friend, the challenges and experiences you have overcome and what you would say to others about rescuing a shelter dog. Here is part 1 of the answers from our RESC7UE community to celebrate 2021’s International Dog Day:

Lauren, a team member at Cloud7 and Luna:

I volunteer with the organization where I adopted Luna from. I’d been considering getting a dog for months but always felt the time wasn’t right… until I saw Luna on the adoption portal! I immediately asked my landlord for permission to have a dog and a month later she was on her way to Germany.

I think people worry that shelter dogs come with issues, and while it may be true for some, I believe that many people would be surprised how a little patience and a lot of treats go a long way. If you give them some time, love, and a sense of security, they will quickly become your best friend and most loyal companion.

Daniela, Bruno and Suki from @Fuzzyears:

Rescue dogs do NOT always have quirk. People need to stop humanizing the animals. A dog that may have grown up in the streets, never had a roof over its head, or never had positive contact with people cannot be perfect overnight. Please remember you’re taking them from their familiar surroundings into a completely new world and yet expected to behave perfectly overnight. We need to start being more considerate and support them instead of demanding too much.

Laura and Polly from @Pollypoplollipop:

Polly was rescued from a euthanize shelter in Gran Canaria and the only difficulties we met came across with was the waiting period before she was able to move in with us. Polly is unique because of her mix and people often ask me of her breed but you can’t buy mixed breed dogs. There are of course many prejudice against animal shelters, but this shouldn’t discourage you. I think in this world, the perfect dog for you exists, even if you have to go on searching for a while.

Stefanie Mallman, a team member at Lila Loves It and Lotta:

We considered it for a very long time, the important aspects of living with a dog needed to be first be set before we could find the right four-legged friend. We first wanted to see another dog at the shelter but for many reasons it wasn’t the right dog for me. But then we were introduced to Lotta. Every dog carries a baggage full of their history and experiences. One has more and the other has less. But in any case, you will definitely get a surprise package.

Stefanie Ortmann and Kona:

Kona is my third rescue pointer. As I was on vacation with my husband after we had put our dog to sleep, I kept looking at his pictures at night and in that moment I knew that it was him. We had picked him up at his German foster family straight after we came home from holiday. I would always pick rescuing a dog from a shelter - they are so unique and so grateful in their essence.

Every shelter dog brings a story and they tell the owners their experiences with time. Some dogs are fearful, other dogs will demolish anything that isn’t stored away, others don’t like their bellies scratched because of bad experiences, but all three of my dogs have been the most loyal souls you can imagine. Once you gain their trust, they are the best and most loving dogs you can imagine.

Franziska and Fina from @Finathefoxx:

Fina is my first rescue dog, our family owned an Australian Shepherd before her. It was important for me that we rescue a shelter dog. Shelters are oftentimes full of dogs who are patiently waiting for a warm bed and a forever home. I found her through the instagram account @fairytrails as I was big fans of Clara and André and their mission to foster multiple dogs at a time to allow them to have a fresh start. I never thought I would be so over the moon in love with one of their fosters! Fina’s character is just so unique. She steals everyones hearts no matter where we go and always make people around her smile.

Animal shelters really do have the perfect dog for everyone and by no means are they less than purebred dogs! A dog from a shelter can be just as cute and friendly as a dog from a breeder - and animal welfare has become so transparent that its easy to see for yourself and not buy a „pig in a poke“.