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Pillow Spray Calming
Pillow Spray Calming Beruhigendes Körbchenspray für den Schlafplatz des Hundes

Pillow Spray Calming

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The basket spray calms your dog with a pleasant fragrance and ensures healthy well-being. The essential oils of the spray are purely natural and give your dog a relaxing balance, which he needs, for example, in stressful situations in the car, at the veterinarian or during heavy load. Your dog will find rest and recreation.

Simply apply to the basket, blanket or furniture and the spray creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere.

  • calming effect
  • soothing fragrance
  • Lavender oil from Provence

The basket spray is not intended for use on pets. The spray should only be used for the basket, blanket and pillows. The spray must not be used near open flames and should not be applied to plastic (such as transport boxes). Apply only to textiles. Please keep a spray distance of approx. 20 cm.


50 ml (39,00 € / 100 ml)

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