Play & Training

Play with and train your dog with organic design toys.

What would it be like to be a dog? Most dog owners have undoubtedly wondered, because, yes, a dog’s life looks pretty great. They wake up bright and early on their comfy Cloud7 bed, filled with energy and ready to tackle the day. They take their time to properly stretch. Owners are woken and asked to serve breakfast in a big Cloud7 dog bowl. And after a brief morning nap to rest and digest, it’s off to a nice morning walk.

Be it in the park, in a meadow, or gallivanting through the forest at dawn, this dog is in their element. And with all the dog accessories Cloud7 has to offer for play and training, these precious hours are guaranteed to be entertaining.

Going for a walk also means “going for a walk”. It's only natural that dogs are going to want to pause to do their business. It should be self-evident that you do not just let the pile lie. Cleaning up is not only the right thing to do, but thanks to the practical DOGGY-Do-BAG by Cloud7, it’s also an effortless task.

In the stylish bag made of felt, the dog waste bags are easily stowed and never forgotten, making them one of the particularly valuable dog accessories. The DOGGY-Do-BAG is available with or without carabineer for easy attachment to a leash, belt or bag.

he handy GOODIE-BAG by Cloud7 is the perfect companion for short stints around the block. Most importantly, these Cloud7 bags have plenty of room for delicious dog treats! The integrated dog waste baggie-dispenser guarantees you’ll always be prepared — and your hands will stay clean — whenever nature calls. Made of waterproof canvas, this practical bag can simply be attached by carabineers and Velcro fasteners so it’s easily accessible.

For puppies, young dogs, and training beginners there is the Cloud7 TREAT DUMMY. The tear-resistant dummy with wooden handle can be the perfect tool for instilling wonderful obedience since there is always a treat involved cleverly hidden in the toy.

Sometimes even the best-bred dog needs to be reminded when it's time to come back. With the Cloud7 DOG WHISTLE, the recall is unmistakable. And much more stylish than repeatedly calling out to your furry friend. Handcrafted from a single piece of deer antler, each whistle produces a clear, bright tone.

When the weather is not so nice and dogs refuse to venture outdoors, it's time to pull out a beautiful Cloud7 DOG TOYS. The fun fabric bones, balls and throw toys are made of 100% purely organic materials, because your furry friends toys should never be treated with chemicals.

The decorative dog JOHAN by Cloud7 is the only dog ​​that’s never hungry and never has to go outside. He is the big, best friend that’s always there for petting, playing and fun. JOHAN is available in three different colors and fabrics. He’s more than just one of a few good dog accessories, he’s perfect addition to the home of anyone who just can’t get enough quality dog time in their life.