Dog Care

The perfect care: If the dog is healthy, the person is happy.

For most quadrupeds applies: the dirtier, muddier or stinkier - the better. Dogs love to romp through forests, meadows and fields, jump in lakes, rivers and puddles or dig deep holes in search of mice.

Special specimens also like to roll around in interesting smelling scent brands like Eau de Fuchskacke or Parfum de Toter Frosch. The lack of enthusiasm of the people for these great smells they can not understand at all..

Of course, such adventures bring home daily smells, dirt and impurities in the coat or paws. Even small injuries, wounds or abrasions can happen quickly. It's good to have the perfect care products at home for such cases.

A healthy, well groomed dog feels comfortable in its skin - and you can see that. Depending on the breed, external appearance, age, habits and preferences of the dog, the need for care naturally varies. A long-haired dog who likes to roll in the mud needs more time for grooming than a short-haired, rain-shy sofa sleeper.

The ears, eyes and paws of all dogs deserve regular inspection and care. And also dental care should not be neglected for health reasons.

The care makes beside good nutrition and a loving home - of course including a comfortable Cloud7 dog bed - an important part of the good dog life. Therefore Cloud7 offers the great products of the friendly brand Lila Loves It.

Cloud7 loves Lila Loves It.

The Cloud7 dogs Freddie, Ottochen, Matti and the office dogs Rudi, Milo, Tiger and Liska have long been fans of the effective and gentle natural care line from Lila Loves It. They have extensively tested all offered products and found them to be excellent.

All care products are carefully selected to ensure the best quality, the origin of the ingredients and their careful processing: Lavender from Provence, rose oil from Bulgaria and medical ingredients from Finland complement the high-quality regional substances. All natural ingredients are organically grown. Processing takes place in the Lila Loves It manufactory in Munich - under clean room conditions and constant pharmaceutical supervision.

Of course, animal experiments are not used out of conviction. The products are developed and constantly controlled in close cooperation with a team of veterinarians.

The result is great care products that fit perfectly with the Cloud7 philosophy and that we can recommend to our customers with a clear conscience.

The best care for a noticeably beautiful coat.

The right care already starts with the regular control of the coat. Regular brushing is important for coat care. Whether short or long hair breeds, the ritual of brushing acts as a pleasant massage while removing loose hair, dirt and matting.

From time to time the coat should be thinned out or trimmed with fur scissors. It is important to use scissors with a rounded tip in order to cut paws and facial hair optimally without risk of injury.

If the dog needs it, mild dog shampoos are exactly the right thing. The shampoo should have a pH value specially adapted to dogs (pH7-8) and maintain with natural ingredients - without silicones, parabens or PEGs. This way, coat and skin are naturally cared for, shiny and easy to comb - even with long and demanding coat dresses. For allergy sufferers, puppies and sensitive four-legged friends, a shampoo without synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives is recommended in order to guarantee maximum compatibility and care.

Even dry, dull fur needs special care that intensively strengthens and cares for it, so that attacked skin is supported in its regeneration and scratches are reduced. The result: a beautifully groomed, shiny coat that is easier to comb.

For "To Go" care, easy-to-handle fur sprays are available, which provide significantly improved combability for all types of fur. Even a wiry coat or dense undercoat is noticeably easier to care for. The surface of the hair is smoothed and the combing procedure becomes more pleasant and faster. The sprays have become a popular companion for groomers and exhibition dogs.

The dog's ears, eyes, teeth and paws should also be inspected and checked regularly. This helps prevent problems and quickly treat possible wounds or injuries.

Hear, hear: the optimal care for dog ears.

No matter if hanging ears, floppy ears, tilt ears or standing ears - cleanliness and care of the eavesdroppers is important for all dogs. The dog's ear is ideally clean and free of unpleasant odours. It has a pink coloration and earwax is only present in minimal amounts.

With a mild detergent, which is specially adapted to the needs of the dog, even sensitive dog ears are cleaned mildly and effectively. Firmly seated earwax is gently loosened and the auditory canal is freed from unpleasant odours. "Smelly ears" and annoying ear shaking are now a thing of the past. This creates a mildly acid ear climate that is unsuitable for mites, fungi and bacteria.

For stressed ears, a care product with natural ingredients such as microsilver, aloe vera and witch hazel is recommended. The active ingredients clean, care for and soothe irritated ears effectively and can also be used preventively.

Eye care that's something to be proud of.

So that the four-legged friend can enchant its human being with faithful Dachshund look, also the dog-eyes should be cared for well. The dog's eyes are usually clear and shiny. Once they're swollen or reddened, something's wrong. Dog's eyes are sensitive to draughts, incorrectly adjusted air conditioning in the car, smoke, perfume or room sprays; daily control is therefore important.

Eye care tailored to the dog gently removes dirt, encrustations and tear stones from the dog's eye area. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera, sea salt, euphrasia and witch hazel have a particularly gentle effect on the sensitive eye area and support regeneration.

Dental care for healthy biters.

Regular dental care for dogs reliably prevents plaque, tartar and toothache and should therefore be just as natural as it is for us humans. You save your darling unnecessary treatments and pain and yourself high veterinarian bills.

Even if your dog may not be so enthusiastic at first - stay patient. Dogs can be accustomed to brushing their teeth at any age. Veterinarians recommend brushing your teeth at least once a week - at best every day.

Fingerling brushes make dental care particularly easy. They fit all finger sizes, are easy to use, reusable and free of chemical additives. Thanks to antibacterial silver ion technology, they bind bacteria and free the teeth of plaque, tartar and plaque, effectively cleaning teeth, gums and tongue.

For best results, use the finger cots together with a special dog toothpaste.

Human toothpaste is intolerable for dogs and can cause upset stomachs. For this reason, toothpastes for dogs are developed jointly by pharmacists and veterinarians and attach particular importance to good tolerability and at the same time high effectiveness. The teeth are intensively cleaned by a natural, mineral base and plant-enriched enzymes. Dog toothpastes also have a prophylactic effect against plaque, tartar and bad breath odor and make a lasting contribution to the health of your dog. So your four-legged friend can snap also the day after tomorrow still strongly - and with beautiful bite.

Best care for four paws.

Dog paws are true marvels of nature. They are extremely robust and resistant and at the same time extremely sensitive. They adapt flexibly to different surfaces and weather conditions and provide optimum damping in different gaits.

Since the paws are exposed to great challenges every day of the year, they should be well cared for. After each walk it is recommended to check the paws and paw spaces for injuries.

A special care cream protects the sensitive paws from mechanical influences and nourishes the skin. The resistance of the bales is strengthened. Especially in winter, the care can also protect against road salt and chippings. Natural ingredients such as marigold, beeswax, coconut, apricot kernel and rose oil promote healing of minor injuries such as scratches and cracks. The use of a skin care cream is also highly recommended in the case of calluses - a thick, keratinised protective layer on the elbow, ankle or breastbone. The skin remains soft, inflammations are prevented and existing calluses are reduced.

Aromatherapy: A soothing fragrance for a relaxed dog.

In a dog life there are from time to time unusual or stressful situations, with which the four-legged friend is grateful for support. Whether you're driving, at the vet's or under any other heavy load - a soothing fragrance spray with selected aromas creates a feel-good atmosphere and helps your dog to deal better with the situation. The animal finds rest and recreation.

The soothing fragrance spray is not used on the dog itself, but on its basket, blanket or furniture. Pleasant lavender scent or other aromas please dog and owner alike and have a harmonizing effect in a natural way. The natural essential oils provide relaxation and well-being. So your darling will be able to master any challenging situation in a more relaxed way.

Natural insect repellent without side effects.

In the warm season there is no stopping for lively four-legged friends any more: Meadows invite to the exuberant shredding and in the undergrowth all sorts of things must be sniffed. Of course this is a lot of fun, but also annoying ticks are picked up.

An insect screen for dogs protects the four-legged friend effectively against ticks. It can also be used to prevent fleas, mosquitoes and other insects. A purely herbal product is a gentle alternative to chemical products and Spot On preparations! Lemon eucalyptus extract, lavender and organic coconut oil, for example, provide very reliable protection against annoying vermin while at the same time caring for the skin thanks to high-quality oils. Thanks to their good tolerance, herbal remedies are also suitable for puppies.

First aid for four-legged patients.

With dog adventurers there is nevertheless from time to time a small scratch or injury. It's good to have the right products at hand for rapid supply.

For small injuries and wounds, a wound spray with silver particles helps quickly and reliably. The wound spray has an anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and slightly antiseptic effect and thus supports the skin in its regeneration. The treatment is easy, absolutely painless and can also be carried out over a large area. Wound spray is sprayed directly onto the skin area to be treated and is an absolute must in the pharmacy of every dog owner.

Special wound balm creams are available especially for the care of irritated skin. With natural ingredients such as hyaluron, aloe vera, calendula, zinc and medicinal honey, they are particularly gentle: they effectively reduce itching and intensively support the regeneration of injured skin.

A 1st help box also belongs in every dog house pharmacy or as a companion on journeys. This should contain all necessary dressing materials such as fixation bandages, paw bandages, wound compresses, gauze, plasters, alcohol swabs and tick forceps. And then some wound cream and wound spray to take care of the dog.

Medium also suitable for puppies.

Dog care for a groomed togetherness.

Who maintains its quadruped regularly, does not only something for its health. Through intimate contact with each other, the bond and mutual trust between dog and person are also promoted - and of course it is simply wonderful to do something good for your best friend again and again.