Dog shampoo & more Accessories for dog grooming

Dog brush, dog shampoo & linen spray with natural ingredients for simple dog grooming sessions at home.

Dog Linen Spray Lila Loves It for Cloud7

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Something stinky in the grass? Most dogs would rather run towards it and rub themselves all over it than to simply stay away. After wrestling their hearts out through the forrest, the meadow and open fields, they tend to want to jump into the next puddle, lake or streams they see, no matter how muddy or slimy it may seem under our eyes. And as for the finishing program? To bury their paws deep in the soil and dig out that smell of everything that lives underneath.

After these kinds of adventures, a grooming day is high on the priority list: the idea is to remove all of those uninvited smells and dirt under their claws before it stinks up the entire house! In any case, dog grooming products such as Dog Shampoo with all natural ingredients, a Wooden Dog Coat Brush and a Dog Bathrobe to prevent water droplets from getting on the walls, furniture or floorings. If the dog gets a bit riled up after a bath, try the Dog Linen Spray with calming lavender on their dog beds to speed up the relaxation process.

All of the grooming products offered in our online shop are carefully curated with the best quality of ingredients, materials and craftsmanship: the natural products contain only organic ingredients and are manufactured at Lila Loves It in Bavaria — ethical and veterinary approved, all of Lila Loves It products are not tested on animals.


All dog owners are advised to regularly brush out their dog’s coats regularly as a part of their coat care. Whether short-haired or long-haired dog, if done properly, the brushing out of the dog’s coat should feel like a very relaxing massage whilst old fur, undercoats and dirt are simultaneously shed and removed. A slicker dog brush, a dog comb or bristle dog brushes, all of these dog brushes help in maintaining the shine and softness of a dog’s fur — should the dog fur ever get knotted or matted, a regular brushing session is recommended.

  • Practical handle and leather tab to hang
  • Dog brush for short-haired and long-haired dog breeds
  • Multifunctional double sided dog grooming brush


A grooming session is not enough and a dog bath is necessary? A mild natural dog shampoo is the solution. A well researched and developed dog shampoo should be mild enough to not effect the natural pH-level (pH 7-8) of a dog coat. Such dog shampoo should contain only natural ingredients and free from the use of silicones, parabens and other harmful chemicals that could harm the dog’s natural fur. Artificial fragrances are also avoided to create a dog shampoo that is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin, skin allergies or even puppies. However, bath days should be avoided when possible, as bathing and shampooing a dog’s fur too often could interfere with its natural self cleaning function and therefore strips the natural oils from the dog’s coat.

  • Natural cosmetics approved dog shampoo
  • Moisturizing Argan oil and calming lavender for shiny coat
  • Vegan ingredients
  • Free from silicones, parabenes and artificial fragrances


Especially for stressful and unfamiliar situations, sometimes dogs needs a little more help to calm the nerves down and relax. The calming Dog Linen Spray is particularly useful for these types of situations, whether a trip to the vet, a car ride or simply to rid of the day to day stress, spray lightly on their dog beds, dog blankets, dog bandana, dog bags or even on their sweater or winter coats (spray only on fabrics and not directly onto the dog): the calming lavender helps them to relax faster. Just like in humans, lavender oil helps dogs to understand the stress of a situation faster and therefore calm themselves down. For the Dog Linen Spray, only natural essential oils are used that are safe for both dogs and humans.

  • Light & relaxing lavender fragrance
  • Made with natural essential oils
  • Great for stressful situations
  • Linen spray for dog beds, bedding and on other fabrics