Quality For a dog's lifetime

From long-lasting and as natural materials as possible to zippers and even smaller details — every component is hand-selected by our in-house design team to make sure you and your dog get nothing but the best quality possible.
Hund bringt Weihnachtsgeschenk

Beautiful things for the dog

An elegant design, a small twist through fine and elegant details, high quality materials, untreated and sustainable, fairly produced by manufacturers who know their trade. More is not really needed for stylish and high-quality products for the dog. The attention in the design of all Cloud7 products lies in the omission of all unnecessary, non-functional things. In the production it is the use of consistently best materials, leather, filling materials, yarns, metal parts and the quality of all the many small details that remain invisible. The dog doesn't care about the design on the shelf, but whether he sleeps on a high-quality dog bed that meets his needs, or wears a well-fitting, really warm dog coat, goes for a walk on well-designed dog collars and dog leashes or harnesses, he already notices that. And then we feel his gratitude that one understands him and his wishes. And just as we are happy when our dogs have learned to adapt to our everyday life with our needs, Cloud7 tries with its products to give the dog something that makes his life a little more beautiful and pleasant. Always listen to your Dog.