Dachshund in Cloud7 dog carrier


The complete must-haves for dachshunds from dog collars, coats to beds.
Coats and sweaters for dachshunds
With the perfect fit for dachshunds
Dachshund Sweater Derby Orange
from €59.00
Dachshund Sweater Derby Khaki
from €59.00
Dachshund Sweater Derby Dark Grey
from €59.00
Dachshund Sweater Cornwall Teddy Olive
from €59.00
Dachshund Fleece Sweater Cornwall Lime Green
from €59.00
Dachshund Fleece Sweater Cornwall Toffee
from €59.00
Dachshund Sweater Cornwall Neon Orange
from €69.00
Dachshund Raincoat Dublin Orange
from €69.00
Dachshund Raincoat Dublin Dark Olive
from €69.00
Dachshund Raincoat Dublin Slate
from €48.30 €69.00
Dachshund Coat Brooklyn Reflective
from €109.00
Dachshund Coat Brooklyn Waxed Tartan
from €109.00
Dachshund Coat Brooklyn Flannel Hazel
from €109.00
Dachshund Coat Brooklyn Flannel Fern Green
from €109.00
Soft and extra light
Dog Collar Riverlino Saddle Brown Gold
from €29.00
Dog Leash Riverlino Saddle Brown Gold
Nylon Y Dog Harness RESC7UE Green
from €39.00
Nylon Dog Leash RESC7UE Green
from €34.00
Nylon Dog Collar RESC7UE Green
from €19.00
Baskets for dachshunds
Dog Basket Lazy Canvas Olive
from €89.00
Dog Basket Cuddly Plush Ecru
from €55.30 €79.00
Dog Basket Hideaway Herringbone Brown
from €159.00
Dog Bed Sleepy Deluxe Tweed Grey
from €199.00
Dog Carrier Lucca Canvas Sand
from €139.00
Dog Carrier Bergamo Wool Granite
from €146.30 €209.00
Dog Carrier Como Taupe
from €349.00
Dog Carrier Milano Herringbone Brown
from €111.30 €159.00
Dog Carrier Montreal Olive
Sold out
Dog Blanket Woodstock
from €29.00
Dog Blanket Evergreen
from €29.00
Dog Blanket Fleece Dark Grey
from €25.00
Dog Blanket Fleece Sand
from €25.00
Toys for dachshunds
Plush Dog Toy Love Bone Grey
from €10.90
Plush Dog Toy Love Bone White
from €10.90
Dog Toy Coati Nuno
Dog Toy Rabbit Molly
Dog Toy Elephant Ellie
Hundenapf Granny Pastell Green
from €29.00
Dog Bowl Granny Dark Green
from €29.00
Dog Bowl Jamie White
from €11.90
Dog Bowl Paul Coal
from €29.00
Treats and snacks
Dog Treat Crunchy Bites 30g
Dog Treat Venison Croutons 50g
Dog Treat Dried Chicken Necks 200g
Vegetarian Dog Treat Peanut Butter 400g

Dog accessories for Dachshunds

Our Dachshund is a charming and good-natured dog with special requirements for its accessories: collars, leads and clothing for Dachshunds must take their unique physique into account. For our adorable four-legged friends, it is important that we as owners choose products that support their short legs and long bodies when travelling. At the same time, we at CLOUD7 want to ensure a tasteful appearance. This applies not only to the outdoors, but also to the indoors: Our ‘Hideaway’, ‘Cuddly’ and ‘Lazy Canvas’ dog baskets are not only genuinely handmade, but also a real eye-catcher in the living room or office.

Collars for dachshunds and other small dog breeds

Dachshunds have a unique build with a short, muscular neck. To allow them full freedom of movement, we at CLOUD7 offer special narrow, yet robust and stylish dog collars. Our ‘Riverlino’ collar is available in different sizes and is made of high-quality, braided oiled leather that is particularly soft and robust.

Complement your accessories with matching leads

Matching leads and collars are not only practical, but also an expression of style. A perfectly fitting collar and matching lead give your dachshund and you a sense of connection and look good at the same time. At CLOUD7, you'll find leads that perfectly match our collars to keep you and your dachshund travelling in style.

Accessories for cold days: coats for dachshunds

Dachshunds have less natural insulation against the cold due to their short fur. To protect them from the elements and provide them with extra warmth, coats are essential, especially during the cold winter months. Our coats are specially designed for the unique body shape of dachshunds and offer maximum comfort and freedom of movement. With practical fastenings and easy on and off, they are the perfect choice to keep your dachshund warm and stylish. With a variety of styles and colours, there is something for every type of walk. And if our darling doesn't want to get his feet wet, he can be transported in one of our cosy, warm dog bags.