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Dog bed covers
for Cloud7 dog beds

Replacement dog bed covers for laundry days and interchangeable looks & colors.

Cloud7 Dog Bed Cover

Dog bed covers
for Cloud7 dog beds

Replacement dog bed covers for laundry days and interchangeable looks & colors.

Changeable cover for dog bed

Always fresh.

What could be better for a dog than sharpening over fields, jumping in puddles or digging a big hole in the ground? And then, of course, you stretch out comfortably in bed and dream of what you've experienced. Sure, the beautiful bed can also get dirty. But don't worry, the Cloud7 duvet covers are all machine washable.

And so that the four-legged friend doesn't have to sleep on the couch while the washing machine is running, the covers are also available separately. The changeable covers are of course available for almost all models in different sizes and colours.

Cover Dog Bed
Cover Dog Bed Mattress

Change makes dog life more beautiful.

It doesn't always take a dirty dog to change the duvet. A fresh duvet cover can also bring a breath of fresh air into your home. Thus the sleeping place becomes again and again an eye-catcher in the tastefully furnished home:

- In winter, a cuddly teddy bear cover invites you to roll up comfortably and dream of long walks in the snow.

- In summer, light cotton fabrics in a light colour ensure sunny dreams of the beach and dogs ice cream.

With a waterproof cover, the sleeping area can simply stay outside on the terrace. And water crazy dogs like Labrador, Newfoundland or Spaniel can jump into bed right after the bath. The fabric is easy to wash off, so that in case of an emergency the bed is quickly clean again.

Cloud7 pays attention to environmentally friendly and sustainable production in all its products.

Favourite places are kept for a lifetime.

The Cloud7 dog beds retain their shape without the risk of sagging thanks to the high, hand-filled chambers and high-quality fillings made of latex and polyester flakes. But not only the beloved four-legged friend becomes older, but also his sleeping place can show signs of use with the years. With a new cover, the bed looks like on the first day again - and the quadruped can enjoy again many beautiful dreams on it.