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Dog Bed Sleepy Tweed Rosé
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Dog Bed Sleepy Deluxe Stripes Blue-Red
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Dog Bed Sleepy Deluxe Teddy
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Outdoor Dog Bed Sleepy Deluxe Graphite
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Outdoor Dog Bed Siesta Pistachio
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Outdoor Dog Bed Siesta Graphite
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Dog Bed Siesta Teddy
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Healthy sleep on an orthopaedic dog bed

When owners start looking for an orthopaedic dog bed, the dog's diagnosis is often already clear: the faithful companion is suffering from age-related problems or, like many people, has a joint disease. Many measures can be taken for treatment: Starting with the right exercise and diet, physiotherapy and  a suitable place to sleep. These measures should always be seen as complementary though, as many factors play a role.

An orthopaedic dog bed is particularly gentle on the joints compared to a conventional dog bed. The special mattress offers the four-legged friend much better physical support, which is particularly beneficial for dogs with joint diseases. To guarantee firmness, all our orthopaedic dog beds have a chamber system to prevent sagging and a balanced level of the mattress. Our popular dog bed “Sleepy” was honoured in 2013 with the Eco Excellence Award, confirming the popularity of our innovative dog products.

When is an orthopaedic dog bed necessary?

The vet may have already made the diagnosis and you can be sure that the dog is suffering from joint problems. If this is not the case, there are a handful of typical symptoms to watch out for that may indicate orthopaedic problems, especially after long periods of rest.

Pay attention to whether the dog is more quiet than usual, struggles when standing up or lying down, seems stiff after lying down, is less keen to go for a walk or strolls behind you. Other signs include reluctance to climb stairs, difficulty jumping into the car or onto the sofa, swaying of the hindquarters, pain-sensitive or aggressive behaviour when certain parts of the body are touched, seemingly unprovoked aggression, problems lifting legs, scratching or rolling around and reduced appetite.

Of course, the weight of the animal also plays a role; being overweight increases the risk of joint problems.  But healthy pets are also happy about an orthopaedic dog bed from CLOUD7: not only are they super-comfortable, they don't sag even after years thanks to the chambers, but their award-winning designs also make them a real eye-catcher in the office or at home!

What makes a dog bed or a dog mattress orthopedic?

An orthopaedic dog bed is characterised by high-quality materials such as latex or polyester flakes, which are distributed over 4 or more chambers. This reduces the pressure on joints and muscles. In addition, the ergonomic design supports a natural lying position and provides firm support. Mattresses and beds share the basic properties that characterise them as orthopaedic. The only difference is that our beds usually have an edge that surrounds the mattress/pillow. This gives anxious dogs a sense of security or curious dogs the opportunity to lay their head down and still have everything in view. Our "Siesta" orthopaedic mattress collection, on the other hand, is equipped with a carrying handle and is much more compact and ideal for traveling.

All our beds and orthopaedic dog mattresses are durable, easy to clean and some are available with removable covers.

Typical diseases of affected animals

When diseases affect the function of bones or joints, this also affects the muscles, which can lead to reduced mobility and the symptoms mentioned above. The following diseases are particularly common:

  • - Arthritis and osteoarthritis are joint diseases that have similar symptoms. Arthritis involves intermittent inflammation of the joints, while osteoarthritis describes the breakdown of joint cartilage.
  • - Hip dysplasia (HD) and elbow dysplasia (ED) are well-known joint diseases in dogs that lead to maldevelopment of the affected joints.
  • - Spondylosis is a degenerative change in the spine that can lead to pain, restricted movement and other complications.
  • - Osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD) is a joint disease that occurs mainly in large breeds of dog and is characterised by a disorder of joint cartilage formation.

Popular orthopaedic dog beds from CLOUD7

Dog owners who want to do something good for their dog and at the same time attach great importance to functionality and style are in the right place at CLOUD7. The following beds and mattresses are available:

  • - Dog mattress Siesta: Timeless dog mattress in 2 different colours and 3 different sizes. Also suitable for outdoors.
  • - Sleepy Deluxe: This bed offers high-quality chamber padding that provides optimum support for the joints and spine. Available in different sizes.