Cloud7 Dog Raincoat Dachshund Brooklyn

Dachshund Coats and Sweaters

Perfect fitting designs for the Dachshund
Dachshund Raincoat Dublin Orange
from €69.00
Dachshund Raincoat Dublin Dark Olive
from €69.00
Dachshund Raincoat Dublin Slate
from €48.30 €69.00
Dachshund Sweater Derby Dark Grey
from €59.00
Dachshund Sweater Derby Khaki
from €59.00
Dachshund Fleece Sweater Cornwall Lime Green
from €59.00
Dachshund Sweater Cornwall Neon Orange
from €69.00
Dachshund Fleece Sweater Cornwall Toffee
from €59.00
Dachshund Coat Brooklyn Waxed Tartan
from €109.00
Dachshund Coat Brooklyn Flannel Hazel
from €109.00
Dachshund Coat Brooklyn Flannel Fern Green
from €109.00
Dachshund Coat Brooklyn Flannel Grey
from €109.00
Dachshund Coat Brooklyn Reflective
from €109.00

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Dog coat for dachshunds


When it comes to clothing for dachshunds, their needs come first at Cloud7. More than just dog clothes, Cloud7 is where high quality dog coats meet elegant designs and optimized fit with perfect functionality.

Dachshunds including miniature dachshunds differentiate themselves from other dog breeds through their deeper chest, longer backs and shorter legs. The adjusted designs on the Cloud7 coats for dachshunds allow a more effortless wear system thanks to the Velcro fasteners which means the coat can come on or off within seconds. In order to provide individual hound with the perfect fit, the Cloud7 dog coats for dachshunds are available in various sizes for all dachshund body shape.


A coat for dachshunds/sausage dogs/wiener dogs/doxies is more than just a fun, fashionable accessory. Dog jackets add such considerable health value, prevents diseases and relieves discomfort especially for young puppies, dogs with diseases and senior dogs. Dachshunds belong to the shorthaired dog breeds that have little to none undercoat to keep them warm. Combined with the short legs of the breed, they therefore have the tendency to be more susceptible to cold and moisture that they sometimes also become drenched to the bone.

Also for city dogs that mostly are kept on a leash, do not have the access to running around freely to keep their bodies warm. Especially whilst waiting at stop lights or whilst accompanying their owners shopping, they tend to start shivering, freeze and shake. Active dogs however can also benefit from wearing dog clothing. After rounds of wrestling and running around, they also lose a lot of heat quickly in colder weather and can therefore become more susceptible to injuries and illnesses.

A source of warmth in winter is very important especially for older dogs and sick dogs. Diseases such as arthritis in dogs, hip dysplasia in dogs and or other joint problems in dogs prevent dogs from walking as far and as fast as before. Especially where there are moisture and cold the pain tolerance is therefore lower, which can then lead to further tension in muscles and injury to tendons or ligaments. A well fitted dog coat helps keep senior dogs or older dogs warm and dry.

Small dogs are even more susceptible to more sickness through rain, snow and cold: due to their close proximity to the grounds, the cold temperatures reach them more quickly than others. The sensitive belly area is home to a few important vital organs, thus a dog coat with belly protection for more dogs such as the dachshund is very recommended.

Dachshund sausage dog winter coat

Spare your four-legged love ones from tucked tails, cold shivers and freezing in the cold during walks. Trialed and tested, with the correct winter coats, your dachshund will not notice the difference and will happily accompany you on a winter walk. Please find an overview of our dog coats with special adjusted designs for wiener dogs.

  • Highly water repellent materials
  • Soft Fleece inner lining
  • Various colors, materials and sizes
  • Timeless design
  • Sustainable dog coat with Eco Puffer (recycled PET plastic)
  • The warmest Cloud7 dog coat in the range

Raincoats for dachshunds

Whilst some are unphased to go out and do their business in the cold and rain, lots of sausage dogs will pull a protest and strike at the slightest bit of raindrops. In additional to being an added layer of protection against wind and rain, a raincoat for your dachshund won’t ever disappoint.

Even if your dog is unphased by rain, the arrival at home, in a shop or at the office will be considerably less messy thanks to a dog rain jacket. Protect your clean walls as well as furniture, whenever you may be from puddle water and dirt from the rainy day walk.

  • Extra waterproof and windproof thanks to taped seams
  • Dog raincoat in dark green or beige
  • With sustainable recycled materials

What size is my dachshund?

With a large extensive range of dog coat sizes from small to large, it is not easy to know which size to choose for your dog. The best tip is to heavily rely on the weight of your dog before one considers the length of the dog coat, measured from the bottom of the neck to the beginning of the tail. Whereas although the chest area is an equally important guide to determine the overall size, the waistband allows you to easily fine-tune the fit with the help of the Velcro fasteners.

For a better demonstration, here is a video guide on how to measure your dog for a coat.