Dog Raincoats
Water-repellent and windproof with optimized fit.
Dog Raincoat Lewis Olive
from €79.00
Dog Raincoat Lewis Meadow
from €79.00
Dog Raincoat Lewis Navy
from €79.00
Dog Raincoat Dublin Orange
from €69.00
Dog Raincoat Dublin Dark Olive
from €69.00
Dog Raincoat Dublin Slate
from €48.30 €69.00
Dog Raincoat Dublin Sienna
from €69.00
Dachshund Raincoat Dublin Orange
from €69.00
Dachshund Raincoat Dublin Dark Olive
from €69.00
French Bulldog Dog Raincoat Dublin Orange
from €79.00
Dachshund Raincoat Dublin Slate
from €48.30 €69.00
French Bulldog Dog Raincoat Dublin Dark Olive
from €79.00
French Bulldog Dog Raincoat Dublin Slate
from €55.30 €79.00
Dog Coat Glasgow Plaid Yellow
from €109.00
Dog Coat Glasgow Orange
from €109.00
Dog Coat Glasgow Plaid Green
from €129.00
Dog Raincoat Berlin Reflective
from €99.00
Dog Trenchcoat Oxford Ivory
from €76.30 €109.00
Dog Trenchcoat Oxford Sienna
from €55.30 €79.00
Sighthound Dog Trenchcoat Oxford Sienna
from €62.30 €89.00
French Bulldog Raincoat London Sienna
from €55.30 €79.00
French Bulldog Raincoat London Slate
from €55.30 €79.00

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Dog Raincoat for especially grey rainy days

Why are Cloud7 raincoats the best?

Just like all of the Cloud7 dog clothing, the raincoats for dogs also units elegant designs, optimized tailored-like fit together with the highly functional materials. Thanks for the innovative design, the dog raincoats are equipped with an effortless wear system which allows you to easily put the coat on your dog or take it off your dog within seconds. In addition to the innovative waterproof outer material, the taped seams ensure that your dog stays dry during rainy day walks.

And to cater for dogs of all sizes from Chihuahua to Ridgebacks, the dog rain jackets are available in an extensive range of sizes from XS to XXL for small dogs to extra large dogs.

Does my dog need a raincoat?

Not only shorthair dog breeds, adopted dogs from warmer climates, but also sometimes single coat dog breeds and non shedding dogs like Poodles, Maltese, Yorkshire terrier and mutt dogs do not have any undercoat to keep them warm. They have the tendency to be more susceptible to cold and moisture that they sometimes also become drenched to the bone.

A well fitted dog raincoat helps not only keep the dogs dry on walks but as well as protects your entryway from dirt and puddle water from getting onto the walls and furniture as soon as the dog steps into the house. Not only this is great for at home, it’s also our way of respecting the non-dog people and the outside world at restaurants, hotels and office spaces.

Dog raincoat with harness hole

A harness-friendly dog coat which allows both the dog collar or dog harness to be wearable and accessible under the dog jacket. All of Cloud7 dog wintercoats as well as the dog raincoats are detailed with a practical zipper opening on the back for dog harnesses. If your dog’s harness does not line up with the zipper, Cloud7 jackets are lightweight enough to allow comfort fit of the harness over the dog coat. The waterproof dog raincoat Dublin posses the longest zipper harness opening across the entire Cloud7 range to allow easier access for all collar and harness types.

Dog raincoat for small dogs

Small dogs have the disadvantages of being small especially in the rain, snow and cold. Through their shorter legs and proximity to the ground are they more prone to coldness than the average dog. A dog’s belly is especially sensitive to the cold and therefore the vital organs of smaller dog need extra protection. For small dog breeds we highly recommend a dog raincoat with belly protection.

Cloud7 Regenmantel Dackel Hamburg Ivory
 Cloud7 Regenmantel Dackel Hamburg Ivory

Dog raincoat: a closer look

Some dogs love rain, some detest it and will not budge even at the strongest pull or no matter how long ago their last bathroom break was. Apart from keeping your dogs warm and dry during walks in the rainy season, the dog raincoat has some other advantages to make your lifestyle easier. In order to specifically avoid the shake off after a rainy walk in the house entryway, restaurants entrance, the train or at the office, the dog raincoat helps keep the dirty puddle water and dirt from getting onto furnitures and walls.

  • Taped seams for extra protection from moisture and wind
  • Dog raincoat in stylish colors gumboots yellow, dark green and red
  • Also available for Dachshunds
  • Waterproof dog raincoat from soft recycled materials
  • Dynamic design with super strong Velcro fasteners
  • Raincoats for French Bulldogs in exact material: London
  • 100% reflective material for extra safety in low light
  • Includes decorative hoody
  • Effortless wear system thanks to Velcro fasteners
  • Cloud7 dog raincoat for transitional weather
  • Waterproof material with velvety feel
  • Fleece-lined dog raincoat

How to measure dogs for coats

With a large extensive range of dog coat sizes from small to large, it is not easy to know which size to choose for your dog. The best tip is to heavily rely on the weight of your dog before one considers the length of the dog coat, measured from the bottom of the neck to the beginning of the tail. Whereas although the chest area is an equally important guide to determine the overall size, the waistband allows you to easily fine-tune the fit with the help of the Velcro fasteners.

For a better demonstration, here is a video guide on how to measure your dog for a coat.

The best fitting dog raincoat for Dachshunds and French Bulldogs

Since the demand of sausage dogs and French Bulldogs is constantly increasing therefore Cloud7 bestselling dog coats are now also available for these specific breeds that needs a slightly tailored-fit in comparison to others. These dog clothes are especially made to fit the respective breeds perfectly.

For the long back and big chest is a special coat for Dachshunds necessary to serve each one of these needs. These are our available dog coats for Dachshunds.

Frenchies in comparison to the standard depiction of a dog have a much wider and muscly chest yet a shorter neck and back length. Therefore the French Bulldog special dog coat is optimized to cover the enough of their body without excessive fabric.