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  1. Beige hemp dog toy in elephant shape

    Dog Toy Elephant Ellie


Dog Training & Play

This is how dog life is fun: playing and training with beautiful, organic products.

"You'd have to be a dog..." - every dog owner had this thought certainly already once. Because yes, the dog life is already great: You wake up in the morning in a super comfortable Cloud7 dog bed. Then one stretches the limbs yawning; first once after the whole length, then again each leg individually. Then the person is awakened and finally the breakfast from the big Cloud7 bowl is eaten with pleasure. And after a short digestive nap we start our big morning walk.

In the park, on the meadow or in the forest the dog is in its element. And with the many great Cloud7 products for gaming and training, the best entertainment is guaranteed.

This is how work is fun: the training dummies from Cloud7.

For retrievers and many other dogs there is nothing more beautiful than to retrieve. With a concentrated look and the nose in the wind they shoot off, rush through the wood and every puddle. The goal: the Cloud7 feed dummy.

The tear-resistant dummy with a handy wooden handle is perfect for practising obedience and coming back with puppies, young dogs and retrieval beginners - because the reward is already in the food dummy. That smells and learns the little dog of course very fast. Of course, adult retrievers also like to train with the food bag - because when it comes to food, the eaten four-legged friends are not far away.

For a unique recall: the dog whistle made of hand-carved deer horn.

Sometimes even the best dog must be reminded when it's time to come back, be it after a wild round with the dog friends or when a trail of scent in the woods pulls irresistibly on the fur nose. With the Cloud7 dog whistle the recall is not to be overheard - and in addition much more stylishly, than repeated, loud calling after the quadruped.

Each pipe is a handmade unique specimen from deer horn and produces a bright, clear single tone. After use, the dog whistle can be worn elegantly around the neck with the fine goatskin collar - so to speak as a pretty little fashion accessory.

The favourite bag for all good dogs.

After the successful recall, and also on all other occasions, there is of course a fine reward for the good dog from the Goodie-Bag of Cloud7. The treat bag with magnetic closure and integrated excrement bag dispenser can be conveniently attached to a bag or belt with a carabiner or Velcro strap. The waterproof fabric also makes it easy to wipe off - and the treats will always stay dry.

When nature calls: the stylish felt dung bag dispenser.

Going for a walk also means going for a walk - so it is only natural that the four-legged friend has to do his business from time to time. Because what comes in at the front has to come out at the back sooner or later. The fact that you don't just leave the pile lying around should be a matter of course. Not only is picking up the legacy and taking it with you part of good sound, but thanks to Cloud7's practical Doggy-Do-Bag it is also possible at any time.

In the stylish felt bag the dog excrement bags are handy and will never be forgotten again. The Doggy-Do-Bag is available with or without carabiner for easy attachment to a leash or bag.

A clean thing: the organic dog excrement bags.

Whether in the city, the park or in nature, nothing is left behind with the compostable dog excrement bags. Because the bags are extra thick, thick, opaque, tear-resistant, moisture-resistant and thus allow safe disposal. They are 100% degradable and "OK Compost" certified.


You can also have fun inside: with beautiful Cloud7 toys.

If the weather is not so nice and the dog prefers not to go outside, it is time for the beautiful dog toy from Cloud7. The funny fabric bones, balls and throwing toys are made of purely organic materials - because what the four-legged friend puts in his mouth should rather not have been treated with chemicals.

- the popular "LOVE BONE" is available in cuddly plush, robust tweed or felt. The chewing fun made of fabric never ends and squeaks funny - much better than a real bone.

- the felt toy of Cloud7 is available in different forms as "BONE", "BALL", "CONE" and "POTATO". The robust toys with integrated squeaker are made of natural wool felt and can easily be washed in the machine. So the simple, classic design looks like new even after a lot of play and fun.

- the new dog toy "SCHWEINCHEN ROSA" is made of robust canvas fabric and softly filled inside. Loving details like hand stitched eyes and nose as well as a small curly tail complete the original design. But it doesn't just look really good, it also makes funny squeaky noises when you press on it.

For order in the dog household: the practical felt basket.

At some point even the most beautiful dog play lesson is over. Then all the things that the dog likes to spread out in the apartment wander into the practical and pretty looking felt basket of Cloud7. Everything has its place in it and can be removed comfortably with leather handles.