Dog Toys

Time to play: Beautiful dog toy made of sustainable materials.

"Playing is an activity that cannot be taken seriously enough," said the French marine researcher Jacques Cousteau, speaking from the heart of most dogs.

No one can play as exuberantly as man's best friend: Highly concentrated the favourite toy is ambushed behind the sofa corners, full of fervor with a big sentence to jump on it, shaken so that the ears flap and chew on it blissfully - out of pure joy of chewing and the funny sound of the squeaker.

The pretty toys from Cloud7 have everything that is fun - the dog as well as the human.

This is how playing is fun: with quality from Cloud7.

Playing together is not only fun, but also creates trust and strengthens the bond between dog and person. Of course, the cheerful togetherness makes even more fun with a great toy. Cloud7 therefore offers various high-quality play bones, balls and throwing toys.

The Cloud7 dog toys are made of purely organic, untreated materials, after all, the four-legged darling should not chew on something that has been treated with toxic chemicals.

Whether with or without squeaker: The sustainable fabrics and the processing of the Cloud7 toys for dogs are extremely robust, but dogs who like to dismantle slippers should still give the slipper.

Playing nice in nice apartments.

Cloud7 dog toys are available in different shapes, fabrics and colours. They are all stylishly reduced and therefore fit perfectly into any beautiful home. People are also happy when a pretty toy ball or fabric bone is lying around in the living room.

Beautiful toys for every play instinct.

With the Cloud7 toys for the dog, the play lesson is simply moved indoors in bad weather. The right toy is available for every type of game:

The popular "LOVE BONE" made of cuddly plush, robust tweed or lovingly crocheted is available in different sizes for large and small dogs. The fabric bone can be retrieved wonderfully or carried around as a never-ending chewing fun.

The Cloud7 felt toys made of natural wool felt are available in different shapes:

- "BALL" for happy rolling around and throwing

- CONE" for the fans of funny distortions

- "BONE" can be hidden, searched and retrieved wonderfully

- "POTATO" for throwing, pulling and carrying around

All toys can easily be machine-washed, so that they look fresh again very quickly even after many hours of play.

Everything in its place: the practical felt basket.

After playing, the toys are simply stowed away in the beautiful felt storage basket; as a cheerful search and retrieval game, tidying up is even fun for the four-legged friend. So the toys are ready for the next game session in no time.