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Our collection of tasteful toys guarantee endless fun without compromising on style.
Dog Toy Turtle Enna
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Dog Toy Coati Nuno
Dog Toy Rabbit Molly
Dog Toy Elephant Ellie
Dog Toy Fox Fips
Dog Toy Bear Bruno
Felt Toy Piggy "Pink" Canvas Sand
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Love Bone Nature White Plush
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Dog Toy Piglet Harry

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Dog toys: what should you look out for?

The Cloud7 approach focuses on using sustainable materials as well as materials free from harmless chemicals, especially when it comes to dog toys for puppies and dogs. Additionally, the minimalistic designs of the chew toys and plush toys for dogs pleases the eyes of dog owners without compromising the fun factor. Please always keep in mind that no dog toy is indestructible — especially when the will is there. In order to help prolong the life of a dog toy, always keep an eye on your dog during play time and never let your dog play with even the highest quality made dog toys unsupervised.

Sustainable dog toys

Organic materials such as hemp or organic cotton are strong and durable materials that can withstand the sharp and pointy teeth of dogs and puppies. View the Cloud7 dog toys made with sustainable outer materials:

For an even more sustainable variation of dog toys, Cloud7 opts for giving extending the life of existing materials by giving it a new life cycle. View our range of soft plush dog toys made with recycled polyester or wool:

Puppy dog toys

A playtime during the playful puppy phase is not only a great way to mentally and physically stimulate them, but it also enhances the bond between owner and dog. The fun factor is thus doubled when paired with a puppy toy or dog toy in beautiful designs and made with natural materials free from harmful chemical. Squeaky toys are particularly popular amongst puppies to play fetch or to simply act as a soother for the new set teeth growing in. Nevertheless, we do not recommend it for tug of war games as their growing jaw and teeth are not yet strong enough to withstand the weight.

Dog toys storage

Even though all Cloud7 toys are designed thoughtfully to be pleasing to the eyes for the dog owners or house visitors, a convenient storage solution to combat the problem of dog toys scattered in the living area is almost a must for a dog household. In order for the puppy plush toys to have a designated area for in between playtimes, are our Jute Storage Baskets the best solution for not only the toys, but also the puppy blankets and more. Available in various colors, the handcrafted basket is made with all natural material jute. Why not also teach the pup in the house new tricks? Maybe they will one day be able to clean up after themselves.