1. Golden clicker made from genuine brass

    Dog Training Clicker ACME Shiny Brass

  2. Perfect set with tweed bag for treats

    SNAC7KS Walkie Set Tweed Purple

  3. Dog Snack Set Slate

    Dog Snack Set Slate

  4. Dog Snack Set Pebble

    Dog Snack Set Pebble


Dog Training

Working is fun - with the dummies from Cloud7.

There is nothing better for dogs than to experience something together with their humans. The dummy work makes many quadrupeds therefore particularly much joy: With the nose deeply at the ground the meadow and the undergrowth are searched. The snoop circles are getting tighter and tighter. And when the dummy is finally tracked down, he is hooked on it with a joyful jump and proudly retrieves the prey back to his master or mistress. And the best thing about it: they are almost more happy about it than the dog.

The food dummy for dogs that don't work for nothing.

For puppies and young dogs who are just starting out with retrieval games, there is the Cloud7 Treat Dummy - but of course adult dogs can also be motivated well with it. Because the dummy bag already contains the treats.

The dog quickly notices that he only gets the delicacy when he has brought the dummy to his human. What is important when using the feed dummy is the consequence. Even if the four-legged friend looks and begs so faithfully: The dummy is not fed until the dog has retrieved it into the hand.

The floating dummy made of organic cotton canvas can be thrown or hidden. As soon as the four-legged friend has found him, he should come directly back with it. This can be supported by praising and luring the dog. He will quickly realize that it is worth coming as soon as possible to collect the reward in the form of food from the dummy.

With the Cloud7 Dummy, boring walks around the block are a thing of the past, because every walk becomes an exciting training session.

A more beautiful whistle: with the hand-carved dog whistle made of deer horn.

When training or simply on a walk, a reliable recall is indispensable. But who wants to call loudly through the forest for his dog? A short whistle with the Cloud7 dog whistle and the four-legged friend knows that he should come back to his owner.

The beautiful Cloud7 pipe is hand carved from deer horn and produces a bright, clear single tone. With the fine goatskin collar it can be worn around the neck at any time.

To train the dog on the whistle tone of the dog whistle, it can be conditioned with treats. He receives a treat when the whistle sounds - first the dog should be very close, then come back reliably from ever greater distance. With every whistle he gets a reward for coming back directly. Thus the four-legged friend dances soon gladly after your pipe.