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Dog training
Gear and accessories

Necessary dog training equipment: from dummy bags, dog whistle, clicker to treat pouch and dog poo bags.

Cloud7 Treat Dummy Heather Grey and Cloud7 Treat Dummy XS Heather Grey

Dog training
Gear and accessories

Necessary dog training equipment: from dummy bags, dog whistle, clicker to treat pouch and dog poo bags.

  1. Grey food dummy with dog treats

    SNAC7KS Training Set Heather Grey

  2. Set for dog training with small treat dummy and treats

    SNAC7KS Training Set Heather Grey XS

  3. Set for dog training with treat dummy

    SNAC7KS Training Set Heather Brown

  4. Small brown treat dummy for dogs with treats

    SNAC7KS Training Set Heather Brown XS


Essentials for dog training: treat bags, dog whistle and more

Accessories for dog training

Training sessions for both dogs and their humans are always more than a simple experience, it is also where they can learn something new all the while strengthening the bond between them. The Cloud7 training accessories were designed thoughtfully to create the experience all the more enjoyable such as the high quality canvas dummy as well as practical treat pouches for a more efficient rewarding system, walking bag and more. The dog training essentials combines particularly stylish designs with optimal functionality as well as practical use.

Fetch and retrieving training with food dummy

The art of fetch and retrieving is in every dog’s blood: a combination of nose work as well as mental stimulation to seek out where the dummy had landed or was hidden. As soon as the scent nears and the location is found, the canvas dummy can be brought safely back into the trainer’s hand. The integrated treat compartment helps the dog to not only detect the location of the this treat dummy faster but also for the dogs to quickly understand that the association of the dummy and the rewards hidden behind the simple zipper.

The Cloud7 food dummy are made from high quality organic cotton cavas and are available in light grey or brown. The canvas is soft yet durable and is safe to be carried in their snouts.

Treat bag for walkies

Most dogs need a reward system for the training session to be effective and many dogs are more food motivated than others. For the food oriented dogs, the treat bag is the perfect solution for your daily walks which allows you to always have their favorite treats handy. All of Cloud7 treat bags are made with highly durable materials in minimalistic designs to brighten up your walks whether in the forest or in the city — always an eye-catcher.

Why we need treat pouches?

  • Water resistant coating to keep the treats fresh and prevent fats and oils from dog treats to rub off
  • Attachable to pants, leashes, handbags and more for a more efficient reward system
  • 2-in-1 dispenser also for dog poop bags
  • Timeless design

Belt bag and walking bag for dog owners

Taking a longer walk and needing more than just pet waste bags and dog treats? Opt for the Cloud7 belt bag or walking bags in various designs. Shoulder bags or waist bags, our walking bags have an integrated dog poop bag dispenser for easier access — also great for training sessions, the built in compartments are the perfect storage for your mobile phone, clicker, house keys and dog treats. Bonus points for our walking bags? Free hands to give your dog more physical contact as rewards.

Dog training clicker and emergency recall whistle

Many dog trainers across the globe believe in the effectiveness of clicker training. The combination of the noise as well as the reward that comes with it is another form of positive reinforcements for dogs. The infamous traditional brand ACME now offers plastic free clickers made from genuine brass that lengthens the life cycle of the clicker as well as help deliver a clear signal to dogs. The gold colored clickers are equipped with a small hole for attachments, which can be combined with a lanyard for handsfree training. Additionally, the ACME dog whistle is known for its consistent tone that won’t change even a single octave even after years or use. The recall dog whistle are made in England and are complimented with a lanyard in contrasting colors. Whereas the handmade dog whistle made from antlers with the leather attachment are a more classic version of the training equipment for the perfect recall.