Dog Leash Tiergarten Cherry Red

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The handmade TIERGARTEN dog leash is made of high-quality Nubuck leather, characterized by its soft, velvety surface and subtly honed structure. Its integrated intermediate rings make the leash adjustable to three different lengths and can be comfortably worn over the shoulder and hip during the walk. All metal parts are made of 100% brass.

Leather: Nubuck fine leather

Metal parts: Brass

Care instructions: Brush off dirt. Wash out tougher stains with water and a little soap. Allow to dry and again lightly brush with Nubuck brush. In order to avoid any possible discoloration, don’t expose dyed Nubuck leather to excessive moisture.

Sizes Length Width
S 200 cm 1,5 cm
L 200 cm 2,0 cm