The dog owner's gift guide
Gift recommendations for all dog lovers in the festive season
Dog Coat Brooklyn Waxed Tartan
from €129.00
Dachshund Sweater Derby Khaki
from €59.00
Dog Winter Coat Everest Black/Olive
from €149.00
Dog Coat Brooklyn Waxed Cotton Curry
from €109.00
Dog Sweater Gotland Dark Brown
from €89.00
Dog Trenchcoat Oxford Ivory
from €76.30 €109.00
Dachshund Raincoat Dublin Dark Olive
from €69.00
Dog Sweater Fleece Derby Beige
from €41.30 €59.00
Dog Sweater Dorset Bottle Green
from €59.00
Dog Coat Yukon Neon Orange
from €139.00
Dog Raincoat Dublin Sienna
from €69.00
Dog Coat Brooklyn Flannel Fern Green
from €109.00
Personalized gifts
Outdoor Dog Bed Sleepy Deluxe Graphite
from €199.00
Outdoor Dog Bed Siesta Graphite
from €179.00
Dog Bed Cover Siesta Graphite Outdoor
from €109.00
Dog Bed Cover Sleepy Deluxe Graphite Outdoor
from €99.00
Custom Dog Tag Black (single-sided)
Custom Dog Tag Silver (single-sided)
Custom Dog Tag Gold (single-sided)
Personalized Dog Bandana Indigo
from €32.90
Personalized Dog Bandana Jungle
from €32.90
Personalized Dog Bandana Sandy
from €32.90
Gifts for a cozy home
Dog Bed Sleepy Deluxe Stripes Blue-Red
from €269.00
Dog Bed Sleepy Deluxe Teddy
from €199.00
Dog Bed Cube Tartan Green
from €249.00
Dog Blanket Woodstock
from €29.00
Dog Blanket Soft Fleece Dusty Green
from €25.00
gifts to help
Nylon Y Dog Harness RESC7UE Green
from €39.00
Nylon Dog Leash RESC7UE Green
from €34.00
Nylon Dog Collar RESC7UE Green
from €19.00
RESC7UE Dog Pillow Sage
from €59.00
RESC7UE T-Shirt Spectrum White
from €19.90
RESC7UE T-Shirt Love Grey Mélange
from €19.90
RESC7UE T-Shirt Heart Grey Mélange
from €19.90
RESC7UE Tote Bag Heart
small gift ideas
Dog Poop Bag Holder Green
Treat Bag Orange
Dog Treat Venison Truffles 200g
Dog Treat Venison Croutons 500g
Sold out
Dog Treat Yak Cheese Stick
from €4.90
Vegetarian Dog Treat Turmeric 400g
Sold out
Dog Treat Crunchy Bites 30g
Feeding Mat Jute Natural/Black
Sold out
Dog Poop Bag Holder Canvas Red
Dog Toy Elephant Ellie
Dog Bowl Granny Dark Green
from €29.00
Dog Bowl Alain Cinnamon
from €19.00
Training Set Heather Grey
€9.96 / 100 g
Treat Dummy XS Heather Grey
Training Set Heather Brown XS
Treat Jar Alain Cinnamon
Treat Dummy Heather Brown
Plush Dog Toy Love Bone Grey
from €17.90
Plush Dog Toy Love Bone White
from €10.90
Dog Bowl Jamie White
from €11.90
Wooden Station Set Alain Cinnamon
from €60.30 €67.00
Gift cards
Cloud7 Gift Card 25 EUR
Cloud7 Gift Card 50 EUR
Cloud7 Gift Card 100 EUR
Cloud7 Gift Card 150 EUR
Cloud7 Gift Card 200 EUR

The Cloud7 Holiday Gift Guide