Greyhound Dogs with collar

Sighthound essentials

The must-haves for all sighthounds from collars, warm coats to beds.
Sighthound Coats
Sighthound Dog Trenchcoat Oxford Sienna
from €62.30 €89.00
Dog Coat Brooklyn SIGHTHOUND Flannel Grey
from €129.00
Dog Coat Italian Greyhound Brooklyn Flannel Grey
from €99.00
Sighthound Dog Coat Alaska Charcoal
from €159.00
with optimal weight distribution, finished with genuine brass hardware
Sighthound Dog Collar Regent Park Elephant Silver
from €29.00
Sighthound Dog Collar Regent Park Saddle Brown Silver
from €29.00
Sighthound Dog Collar Regent Park Camel Silver
from €29.00
Sighthound Dog Collar Regent Park Saddle Brown Gold
from €29.00
Sighthound Dog Collar Regent Park Camel Gold
from €29.00
Dog Collar Mexico Park
from €39.00
Matching Dog Leashes & Harnesses
Dog Leash Mexico Park
Dog Leash Madeira Papaya
Dog Leash Riverside Park Saddle Brown Silver
from €69.00
Dog Leash Riverside Park Saddle Brown Gold
from €69.00
Dog Leash Central Park Saddle Brown Silver
from €62.30 €89.00
Dog Leash Central Park Black Gold
from €62.30 €89.00
Harness Central Park Saddle Brown Silver
from €89.00
Dog Harness Central Park Saddle Brown Gold
from €89.00
Dog Bed Sleepy Deluxe Tweed Grey
from €199.00
Dog Basket Lazy Canvas Olive
from €89.00
Dog Pouf Yeti
from €259.00

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Cloud7 Dog Products for Sighthounds

Dog Collars, Dog Leashes & more for Whippets, Greyhounds & other Sighthounds

Discover our dog products for sighthound breeds like Sighthounds, Greyhounds and Whippets.

Regent Park: Greased Leather Dog Collars for Sighthounds

Soft buttery leather with design to equally and carefully distribute the pressure on elongated graceful necks of the Whippets, Greyhounds and other Sighthounds-alike. Classic leather collars are a beautiful accessory in an array of classic colors.

The Regent Park Dog Collar allows pressure to be carefully and equally distributed on their long graceful necks. The extra width not only helps protect their delicate throats but also ensures a snuggly fit. Like many of the classic CLOUD7 leather products, the collars will soften over time and develop their own unique patina.

Matching Dog Leashes and Dog Harnesses: Riverside & Central Park

Like the CLOUD7 Dog Collar Regent Park, the matching Riverside Park Leash and other sighthound / greyhound accessories are handmade. A particularly soft and robust greased leather was used for the material, which gives the leash a refined look with its filigree braiding details and high-quality metal parts.

Due to the integrated intermediate rings, the leash can be adjusted to three different lengths and can be comfortably worn over shoulder and hip during a walk. Over time, the oiled leather develops an unmistakable organic patina.

The CLOUD7 Central Park dog harness is a special piece of craftmanship. This classic dog harness features fine braided details and high-quality metal parts.

It's especially suitable for dogs that pull on a leash or feel safer with the additional strap around the chest. Crafted of genuine cowhide, the material is at once soft and robust leather that will develop an unique natural patina over time.

Designed for sighthounds and any weather: the Cloud7 Sighthound Coat

Especially for sighthounds a dog coat is often indispensable. The Cloud7 dog coat Brooklyn Sighthounds combines all the most important functions.

n addition to its special cut, which is specially adapted to the proportions of the different sighthound breeds, it can be put on and taken off in seconds with a simple velcro fastener, has a water-repellent outer material and a particularly warm inner lining.

And so that every sighthound, from wind chimes to galgo or borzoi, can find his suitable size, it is available in 10 different sizes, which makes it unique among dog coats because of its simple, reduced design. A special zipper opening for the harness and an elastic band for fine adjustment of the length round off the special design.

Due to popular demand, the Dog Coat Alaska, the world’s first dog coat made out of 100% sustainable materials is now finally available for all types of sighthounds. Thanks to upcoming technologies, the materials used in our entire Eco Puffer Collection such as the fluffy lining and water-repellent coating is solely produced from recycled PET bottles. Innovative production means that the materials used in our Alaska Dog Coat offers a consistent warmth and ensures your sighthound is perfectly insulated in frosty temperatures.