Dog Mat Water-Repellent Mid Grey - Dark Grey

Outdoor Mats for Dogs Dog Mats

Rollable and foldable dog mats for on the go, at the office or on the go. Also functions well as a crate mat.

Dog Mat Water-Repellent Mid Grey - Dark Grey
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Dog mats

Always with you: the dog bed for on the go.

For most dogs there is nothing better than to be always close to their humans. If the human is sitting at the desk, they doze contentedly underneath. If the person goes into the kitchen, they follow him on his foot and wait patiently to see if something might fall off the worktop by chance. Coffee break on the balcony? Surely your dog is stretching out next to you in the sun. The evening series on Netflix is only interrupted from time to time by the satisfied snoring of the dog, who of course has also made himself comfortable on the sofa. Statistics show that almost half of all house dogs even sleep in bed in the evening.

No wonder, because dogs are pack animals that live in narrow social structures. The closer they are to their masters, the better. Since you can't take the comfortable large dog bed with you everywhere, Cloud7 has developed the elegant Dog Mats as a supplement.

Sleeping comfort made easy.

Outdoor dog mat: The easy-care dog mats are well suited as a flexible, mobile berth. Whether as a protection against dog hair on upholstered furniture, as an additional resting place at home and in the office or simply as the dog mat in the car as a trunk mat for the dog - thanks to its volume, its firmness and the cuddly lying surface made of fleece or wool mixture, your dog will sleep on these luxurious dog blankets like on cloud 7.

The mats are light, quickly rolled up and can be easily transported. Of course, they can be easily washed in the washing machine. As with all Cloud 7 products, only organic materials are used and attention is paid to longevity, quality and excellent workmanship.

A dream even in the wet.

For outdoor use in the garden, on the terrace or for excursions into nature, Cloud7 also offers the blanket made of waterproof robust outer fabric. Thus your four-legged friend remains protected from wetness and ground cold. So you can relax just as the four-legged friend on his dog sleeping place.

Dog Mats
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For every home and every dog.

Thanks to the stylish muted colours the mattress fits perfectly into every room and integrates harmoniously into the home living ambience - no matter if your dog is at home in a beautiful old building, a rustic country house or a modern loft.

The dog blankets are offered in 3 different sizes. So dogs of all breeds, from Chihuahua to Great Dane, are guaranteed to find their favourite blanket and biscuit.