KPM Berlin x Cloud7
Together with the historic manufacturer of the finest porcelain, KPM Berlin, Cloud7 proudly presents the individually handmade porcelain bowl supported by sturdy yet elegant oak wood stand.


Design expertise combined with excellent craftsmanship resulted in an interior design piece made only within a 45 km radius in Berlin and Brandenburg in close collaboration with KPM (Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur) Berlin.

„Dog bowls are actually very fitting for KPM. Not only because our manufactory founder, Frederick the Great preferred to surround himself with four-legged friends rather than two-legged, but above all for very special personal reasons: on every floor of our manufactory, dogs scamper through the offices, production stations and hallways. As for at home, our very own Kuba always waits for my arrival, - who now won't be able to slide the handmade porcelain bowl around the apartment so easily. In this regard, I am particularly delighted to be working with Cloud7.“

— Thomas Wenzel, chief designer of KPM Berlin


Design and quality for dogs meets finest porcelain know-hows from Berlin. Just how it should be, the dog bowls are dishwasher safe and the wooden stands are enhanced with waterproof finishing.

„In every household with a dog, sits a dog bowl (or several). Even though the dog probably doesn't care which bowl it eats from (as long as it's well filled), the dog bowl is an interior design piece in any living space. In this collaboration with KPM, the concept to reinterpret the dog bowl that not only pleases the dog but also meets the owner's wishes and requirements for an exquisite interior piece came to me. I have personally been a long admirer of KPM's exceptional craftsmanship and can't be prouder of this collaboration.“

— Petra Jungebluth, chief designer of Cloud7

Since 1763, the royal porcelain manufacturer KPM Berlin, stands for high quality handcraftsmanship and counts as one of the most renowned porcelain manufactures worldwide.

This exciting project follows the legacy of both brands, in which to repeatedly partner with other style-defining brands and artists in addition to an extensive product portfolio and to enter new terrains of inspiring and modern products thus reinterpretating classics. KPM Berlin's previous collaborations with Bottega Veneta, Bugatti, Birkenstock as well as the New York-based artist duo Faile attracted exciting international audience, to the same extent of Cloud7's work with the US luxury travel brand TUMI, the interior brand Normann Copenhagen, Liberty London and more.