Cloud7 Dog Coat Brooklyn Graphite

EVERYTHING FOR LARGE DOGS Accessories for large dogs

A collection of accessories tailored specifically for large dogs, designed to enhance comfort and style.
Extra large dog collars
Dog Collar Central Park Elephant Silver
from €49.00
Dog Leash Central Park Elephant Silver
from €62.30 €89.00
Dog Collar Central Park Saddle Brown Gold
from €49.00
Dog Leash Tiergarten Peach
from €119.00
Dog Collar Tiergarten Peach
from €59.00
XL Dog Beds – for large dogs
Dog Bed Siesta Tweed Grey
from €179.00
Dog Bed Siesta Teddy
from €179.00
Outdoor Dog Bed Siesta Graphite
from €179.00
Dog Bed Homey Mélange Olive
from €129.00
Dog Bed Sleepy Deluxe Tweed Grey
from €199.00
Dog Coats for large dogs
up to size 12
Dog Sweater Gotland Brown
Sold out
Dog Sweater Fleece Derby Khaki
from €59.00
Dog Coat Brooklyn Flannel Fern Green
from €109.00
Dog Coat Brooklyn Graphite
from €109.00
Dog Coat Yukon Neon Orange
from €139.00

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Essentials and supplies for large dogs

Extra large dog collars, XXL dog beds and dog coats in large sizes

Everything you need for large dog breeds

Bernese mountain dogs, dobermans and more are just a few of the large dog breeds out there. Just like any other dogs of any size, large breeds also need the appropriate size dog collar, dog leash, dog bed as well as extra large and warm dog coats. Here are our recommendations for your essentials and supplies for large sized dogs.

XXL dog collars, dog harnesses and dog leashes for large breeds

A collar appropriate for large dogs differentiate itself through the width, which should be wide enough to distribute the dog’s weight evenly and therefore alleviate pressure from the delicate neck. A broadened and therefore widened dog collar also prevents any tears and rips should the dog pull too strongly on the leash. Additionally, the hardware detailing on dog collars for large dogs should be of high quality in order to prevent it falling apart whilst able to withstand a heavy weight: our collars feature strong riveting or double stitching for a strong withhold.

Equally applies for dog leashes for large dogs such as Bernese mountain dogs, Weimaraners, Great Danes, Wolfdog, Newfoundlands, Shepherds and more. In addition to the high quality craftsmanship that stands behind each dog collar and dog leash, robust and long-lasting stainless steel or genuine brass carabiners and metal rings are put in place to also help withstand a large dog’s weight.

Recommended for large dogs:

Extra large dog beds

Just like any other dog breeds, large dogs also need an appropriately sized dog bed in order to be able to stretch themselves and have a comfortable place to rest. Most dog beds from our range are also available for large breed dogs up to 50 kg. Our rule of thumb is that a dog bed should never be too large. Especially dogs have the tendency to prefer a smaller bolster dog bed for a cozy feeling.

The recommended dog beds for large dogs feature high quality mattresses with an innovative chamber system that help prevents sagging even after years of use. The mattresses cover are made with organic cotton, whereas the bed covers are available in both indoor and outdoor versions. As the bed covers are interchangeable and washable, replacement dog bed sheets are available in various materials as well as colors to match every season and interior style.

Warm coats for large dogs

It’s a misconception that big dogs don’t need a warm layer of protection through dog coats especially in winter’s low temperatures. Dog breeds who are native to warmer continents such as the Rhodesian Ridgebacks or who thrive in summer due to their low energy builds such as Afghan Hound and Great Danes are just a few examples of dogs who are more susceptible to cold temperatures than others. Large sized dog sweaters and dog coats are made especially for these large dog breeds to provide them with a warm insulating layer that protects them from rain and wind in cold weather. However, double-coated large dogs and others with thick undercoats could also profit from a warm dog coat especially in old age. Senior dogs tend to develop joint stiffness which strains the natural movements and therefore increases the chances of catching a cold or other diseases. A dog coat is also great for dogs after operations or dogs with arthritis to help speed up the recovery process by keeping them warm or comfortable for longer walks.

Dog sweaters and coats for large dogs up to 50 kg.