stray dog in a shelter Street dog in Cyprus.

Animal Welfare at Cloud7: Animal Lovers on Every Level

The current situation

Dogs are more important to us than anything else – not only our own, but all of them. We see dogs as social partners, who accompany people through their lives and make those more beautiful through various aspects. In the course of the years, dogs are all the more dependent on humans. They have forgotten how to find food on their own, and many breeds and hybrids are not equipped for a life on the streets in winter due to domestication; therefore they freeze terribly.

At the same time in the world, for example Galgos in Spain - the most frequently mistreated dog breed - dogs are still bred solely for hunting and immediately afterwards killed in a miserable way as soon as they have fulfilled their "purpose" or do not meet the hunting requirements. There are 50.000 Spanish greyhounds alone, which are killed by their owners every year. Many dogs are also left to their own fate and die.

Castration programs for stray dogs

Meanwhile in Eastern Europe, the number of street dogs is growing steadily, which is why many puppies die every day that cannot be fully cared for. Because the main problem is not only the abandoned animals, which have no more place in their homes, but above all the fact that uncastrated animals collide and reproduce unhindered. With more offspring of street dogs, the anger of the inhabitants also rises on the animals seen as a plague. The people are therefore less and less willing to take care of them. So apart from building animal shelters and re-homing dogs, it is particularly sustainable to also tackle the original problem - this is possible for example by developing special castration programs for street dogs.

A charity collection and other donation programs

Cloud7 has supported one of these particularly sustainable programs for several years now: The registered animal protection organization Everydaystray, which supports street dogs in Bulgaria. In addition to monthly financial support and product donations, 10% of the total sales from the RESC7UE collection - a Cloud7 collection specially dedicated to animal welfare in collaboration with renowned artists - have been donated to rescue organisations such as since November 2019. Each of the artists has waived a fee so far, so that even more proceeds can flow into animal welfare. Within the first few months after the presentation of the first RESC7UE product, a photo book with pictures of the street dogs of Eastern Europe, taken by Robert Altermoser, more than 10,000 Euros have already been generated.

In addition to supporting the organization Everydaystray, Cloud7 also donates a monthly amount to sponsored dogs in Poland for the organization Pro Animale für Tiere in Not e.V.. In addition, many other organizations are supported with product donations such as collars and leashes for adopted dogs as well as dog coats, dog beds and bowls for animal shelters.

Make adoption an option

Also company-internally there are heartwarming examples for direct animal protection. Both Lisca, the female dog of a long-time team member, and Otto, one of the three dogs of Cloud7 founder Petra Jungebluth, were found on the street and nurtured with much effort, love and patience until today, many years later, they live a comfortable life full of joy around the lakes, fields and forests of Brandenburg. When Lisca was rescued in 2014 at the age of only a few days in Portugal from a bag in the trash can with numerous already deceased puppies and cats, it was hardly possible to think that far. Also the snow-white crossbreed Otto was discovered on the streets of Cyprus in very bad condition. Fortunately, the organization Onedogisnodog had met him before something more serious could happen to him, so that when his future owners saw him for the first time, it was immediately clear that after some care, patience and training he would become their new family member. Even though it can be a lot of work in the beginning to rescue, adopt and socialize a dog, the effort was worth it. Lisca and Otto were given a better future with lots of care, security, food and a warm home. The company still maintains regular contact with Onedogisnodog and supports them with products for adoption dogs.