Enhanced safety, exceptional water resistance, and remarkable visibility through reflective fabric in the dark. Available in sizes for both small and large breeds.
Dog Raincoat Berlin Reflective
from €99.00
Dog Coat Brooklyn Reflective
from €109.00
French Bulldog Coat Brooklyn Reflective
from €129.00
Dachshund Coat Brooklyn Reflective
from €109.00
Dog Raincoat Dublin Orange
from €69.00
Dachshund Raincoat Dublin Orange
from €69.00
Dachshund Sweater Cornwall Neon Orange
from €69.00
Dog Coat Yukon Neon Orange
from €139.00
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Orbiloc Dog Dual™ Safety Light Green
Orbiloc Dog Dual™ Safety Light Blue
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Orbiloc Dog Dual™ Safety Light Turquoise
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High visibility dog accessories for safety in low light

Especially during seasons when the daylight is shorter and it gets dark faster than usual, reflective dog coats, bright neon high visibility coat for dogs and LED dog safety lights are vital dog accessories for safe walks in the early mornings or evenings amongst other commuters such as drivers & cyclists. These are out top picks for the safety of you and your dog during walks in low light.

High visibility dog coat: bright neon warm winter coat for dogs

For colder seasons with low temperatures is the Yukon a great eye-catching alternative to reflective leashes and such. The high visibility jacket for dogs is particularly noticeable from a far, especially amidst forrest vegetation during hikes or hunts.

  • Dog coat in electric color for visibility
  • Dog coat with harness hole
  • Warm lined dog coat for winter

Reflective dog coat

As a simple raincoat for monsoon season to protect against wind and rain made with 100% reflective materials or also available in a winter-friendly version with soft Fleece lining for the colder temperatures: thanks to the micro glass particles, the reflective coats Brooklyn Reflective and Berlin Reflective gleam and shine through the darkness to the slightest exposure to the light from the moon or car headlights from afar. The reflective dog coats come particularly in handy, if your dogs are free to roam around off leash at night. Should drivers and cyclists pass nearby, the dog should be highly visible to sight with the reflective coats for dogs.

  • Dog rain jacket against wind and rain
  • Safety in darkness thanks to reflective material
  • Detachable hood
  • Safety in darkness thanks to reflective materials
  • Soft & warm Fleece lining
  • Harness hole with zipper opening
  • Also available in special fits for Dachshunds, Frenchies and Sighthounds

Safety LED lights for dog collars and harnesses

Attachable Orbiloc® LED lights for dog collars, dog leashes and dog harnesses for lit up walks. The two modes allows either a constant light or flashing light for more visibility. With replaceable batteries.

  • LED flashlight for dogs in various colors
  • Easily attachable to dog collars, dog harnesses and dog leashes
  • Extra bright LED
  • Up to 5 km visibility
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Matching carabiner and clip also available