Cloud7 Dog Collars Ravello in different colors



Dog Collar Ravello Hazel
from €69.00
Dog Leash Ravello Hazel
Dog Collar Ravello Moss
from €69.00
Dog Leash Ravello Moss
Dog Collar Ravello Black
from €69.00
Dog Leash Ravello Black
Dog Collar Ravello Taupe
Sold out
Dog Collar Ravello Sandy
from €69.00
Dog Leash Ravello Sandy
Dog Collar Ravello Pumpkin
from €79.00
Dog Leash Ravello Pumpkin
Dog Collar Ravello Dove
from €69.00
Dog Leash Ravello Dove
Dog Collar Ravello Lemon
from €69.00
Dog Leash Ravello Lemon

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Artisanal handwork: leather dog collars and leather leashes for dogs Ravello

Pure elegance with braided dog collars and leads

Our approach is to create classic and timeless dog collars that dogs will love to wear for years to come. The result is a wide range of sizes for small dogs such as Chihuahuas and miniature Dachshund until the popular Golden Retriever and Weimaraners with optimal comfort that doesn’t restrict or irritate.

The Ravello dog collars and leashes made with Nubuck leather are intricately braided and impresses through not only its high quality design but also through the soft yet sturdy genuine brass hardware.

Luxurious dog collars and leashes in a wide range of colors

The elegant and stylish Ravello collection is available in various colors for the perfect one for individual dogs.

  • Peach — dog collar and lead in pastel pink
  • Lemon — leather collar and leather leash for dogs in yellow
  • Pumpkin — dog collar and leash in orange
  • Dove — dog leash and collar set in pastel blue
  • Moss — leather collar and lead in timeless dark green
  • Taupe — dog collar and dog leashing elegant grey
  • Hazel — simple yet elegant dog collar set in chocolate brown
  • Black — black braided dog collar with matching leash
  • Sandy — beige colored dog leash and collar set

A braided leather dog collar for dogs with matching leash

The Nubuck leather dog collars and leashes from the Ravello collection are made through braiding 6 individual strands together with the traditional art form of leather handicrafts. The complimenting buckles, D-rings, metal tag (collar) and carabiner (leash) from high quality stainless steel elevates the simple look of a leather dog accessory. The soft to the touch leather products for dogs in various colors will develop its own unique coloring and look over time.

The leather dog leash is length adjustable and multifunctional. The 3-in-1 dog leash can be worn as a crossbody handsfree leash, a short training city leash or a extra long leash for more freedom.

Made in Europe

Just like the rest of the Cloud7 dog walking accessories, the Ravello collection is also exclusively made with traditional artisanal craftsmanship at our Italian production partner. Thus resulting in the exceptional quality complete with highly durable stainless steel buckles, rings and carabiners as well as intricate leather braiding for a strong withhold.