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From foldable dog beds to practical travel bowls for smooth travels with dogs

Dog Travel Bed Canvas Black
from €149.00
Dog Mat Water-Repellent Mid Grey - Dark Grey
from €99.00
Travel Bed Tweed Grey
from €99.00
Travel Bed Tweed Taupe
from €99.00
Dog Bag Bergamo Waxed Cotton Black
from €189.00
Dog Bag Bergamo Wool Black
Dog Bag Bergamo Canvas Grey
Sold out
Dog Bag Como Petrol Grey
from €299.00
Dog Bag Como Taupe
from €299.00
Dog Bag Milano Herringbone Brown
from €111.30 €159.00
Dog Bag Lucca Canvas Sand
from €139.00
Dog Blanket Soft Fleece Dusty Green
from €25.00
Dog Bathrobe Föhr Sage
from €69.00
Travel Dog Bowl Charcoal
Dog Bathrobe Föhr Caramel
from €69.00
Dog Carrier Montreal Olive
from €189.00
Travel Bed Backpack Charcoal
Cooling Accessories

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Travelling with dogs

Dog travelling essentials, collapsible travel bowl and more

What does my dog need whilst travelling?

One does not need much for a relaxing holiday with their pup — since dogs are always at their happiest when they can be with their owners. However, here are a few of our recommendations for a smooth and stress free holiday with your dog.

Dog travel bed

A foldable and easily transportable dog bed is a must for travelling as it provides them with a temporary comfort zone as well as a safe area. Once your dog accepts the temporary bed during travels as their comfort zone, it allows them to easily relax and wind down especially in unfamiliar situations and new surroundings. The smell of their own comfort zone strengthens the bond and trust between you and your dog, wherever you may be.

  • Comfortable dog bed for travelling
  • Cozy inner lining
  • Easily foldable and transportable as a bag
  • Available in various colors and materials for hotel, restaurant or outdoor
  • Available with outdoor water resistant material
  • Warm, great for camping
  • Softly padded with Eco Puffer (sustainable material)
  • For dogs up to 25 kg
  • Great for small dogs
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Great for puppy socializing training

Simple dog bed for car rides

Collapsible travel bowl for dogs

An easily packable dog travel bowl is great especially when you’re always on the go with a water-loving dog. Whether for rest stops, beach or at the cafe — the unique design with waterproof fabric instead of plastic or silicone is an eye catcher.

  • Unisex design in dark grey/black
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Easily attachable to leash or backpack with carabiner

Accessories for beach holiday with dogs

In addition to a comfortable dog travel bed as well as a practical travel bowl, a beach holiday with dogs should be equipped with a few other accessories. Not only for humans, a bathrobe for dogs is convenient to keep the car or hotel room clean as well as accelerate the drying process of their fur whilst keeping them warm and protected from cold and wind.

  • Bathrobe and towel set for dogs
  • Available in 12 sizes for small and large dogs
  • Extra soft and absorbent Terry cloth
  • Made with organic cotton

Travelling with dogs essentials

Opting for a city holiday instead? Here are a few things that could be convenient for your foreign city visit. Even the bravest of dogs tend to get overwhelmed, especially in loud and unknown surroundings and therefore should always have a comfort zone they can run to. Either in cafes, restaurants or whilst shopping — a dog bag easily allows dog owners to carry their tired pups without tired arms as well as allows the dogs to have a napping spot should they need a short recharge. For larger dogs, we recommend an easily packable dog blanket to have a nice comfortable designated area for them to lie on.