Dog Bed Sleepy Deluxe Teddy

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Highlights / Features

A luxury dog bed in stylish plush fluffy teddy fabric with bolster edges with sustainable washable materials.

  • Multi-chamber mattress to prevent sagging
  • Machine washable
  • Dog bed cover from real sheep’s wool
  • Handcrafted designer dog bed
  • Also available extra large dog beds for dogs up to 45 kg
  • Interchangeable dog bed covers in various colors and designs

The Cloud7 classic old-timer dog bed: 2013 Eco Excellence Award title holder Sleepy Dog bed is the definition of luxury dog bed with sustainable and long-lasting materials. The extremely robust and machine washable organic cotton mattress casing and bed covers are designed to ensure that it can withstand dog nails and dog teeth and therefore prevent wear and tears even after years of use. Whereas the hand-filled mattress with multi-chamber system allows the designer dog bed to be extremely stable and the side bolsters for a headrest with pillow pearls create a soundproof and comfortable environment for a good night’s sleep. After a refreshing change of look? Explore our range of dog bed covers available in various colors and materials.

Materials and care instructions
Cover: 50% Wool, 50% Polyester
Matress Cover: 100% Cotton from organic cultivation
Matress Filling: 60% Latexflakes, 40% Polyester
Side Fillings: xpanded Polypropylene
Detail: side handles made of sturdy cotton strap
Cover: 30 degree delicates
Mattress: 30 degree delicates (not suitable for dryers)
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