Long lasting Dog Beds Quality meets design

Our high quality dog beds are designed and built to last at least a dog's lifetime. Whether it's a dog bed with a edges to rest your head on, a cozy dog pillow or a stylish dog basket: discover our extensive selection on high quality dog beds from small to extra large and gift your four-legged friend an extra comfortable and healthy sleep.



Anyone who eagerly fetches balls outside, bravely chases away his neighbour's cat or bravely follows his favourite person needs a relaxed nap. Because dogs are real sleepyheads: The average dog comes sometimes to 14 and 18 hours a day, which he comfortably dozes before himself.

Anyone who sleeps so much needs a comfortable dog bed. The mattresses of all Cloud7 dog beds are therefore of special quality. So the dog can sleep in and recover optimally. Whether a dog bed with edge to the head lay down, dog cushion or dog basket, all designs meet the highest demands on quality and form.

The same claim also applies to the portable Cloud7 dog mats, as well as the award-winning Travel Beds as perfect sleeping places on the go, if you want to offer your four-legged friend a nice, comfortable place to sleep in the office, on a short trip or while travelling.


AOn a high-quality mattress the dog sleeps not only more comfortably, but also demonstrably healthier: The joints are relieved; spine and body can recover optimally; tensions are prevented.

- Comfortable: Quilted chambers and high-quality fillings of latex and polyester flakes ensure that the mattress always remains stable and does not sag even after many years.

- Durable: The special luxury of the Cloud7 dog beds also lies in the longevity, which is unique on the market of dog beds and keeps its shape throughout a dog's life. Each mattress is individually filled by hand and therefore ensures an even lying surface.

- Sustainable: Sustainable textiles are used wherever the product permits their function. The untreated organic substances are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. Who would want his dog to lie for several hours every day on substances that have been treated with harmful substances?

- Practical: AAll covers of the dog beds are washable in the washing machine - in case the dog gets into his bed with dirty paws after his adventures in front of the door. In addition, there are special versions of some designs made of waterproof and water-repellent fabrics, which are not only very easy to care for, but are also suitable for outdoor use.

- Varied: For almost all designs and sizes, changeable covers in different colours are offered, if the dog owner is in the mood for a style change, or the current fabric no longer fits optimally to a new coat of paint in the apartment. And since the mattresses of the Cloud7 dog beds keep their shape throughout the dog's life, a new cover can make the dog bed look like new again.

- Perfect: Of course there are all dog beds in different sizes, suitable for different dog breeds from the very small dogs up to XXL dogs.


The dog bed should not only please the dog, but also its owner. After all, the home was certainly furnished with a lot of sense for the very own personal style, in which the dog bed does not appear as a tasty foreign body. Whether country house, old building or modern loft apartment - with their high design standard the Cloud7 dog beds fit to every demanding living ambience.

The high-quality fabrics used, in subtle natural shades and fine structures, as well as the minimalist form of the dog beds are oriented towards the design language of an exclusive interior design. So it is even more fun to watch the four-legged friend sleeping.

There is also a large number of exclusive luxury hotels that have equipped their rooms and suites for their guests with dog with Cloud7 dog beds.


Every dog has its own preferred way of resting in sleep. One likes to snuggle up, while the other finds nothing more beautiful than to stretch out for a long time. Some love to put down their head slightly raised, also to have master or mistress in the field of vision at any time, some like to lie very softly and cuddle up, while especially bigger and heavier dogs prefer a firmer mattress. The extensive Cloud7 dog bed collection offers the right bed for all different needs and in all shapes:

- the classic so-called Bolster Bed with dimensionally stable and low-noise circumferential edge

- the round Pouf with discreet recess in the middle of the lying surface, into which the dog can sink wonderfully

- the minimalist dog pillow with fine design details with both firm and soft mattresses

- the portable dog beds for at home and on the way, which you can easily and uncomplicatedly take with you everywhere

- den portablen Hundebetten für zuhause und unterwegs, die man leicht und unkompliziert überall hin mitnehmen kann

- the practical and cuddly soft dog blankets, perfect as a base for at home or in the car.


Cloud7 dog beds are not mass-produced. Each bed is handmade, each cover individually sewn and each mattress filled by hand. All products are sustainable and Fair Trade produced by selected, specialized manufacturers. A Cloud7 dog bed is best bought only once and if you see signs of wear on the covers over the years, there are the matching changeable covers and the bed is as good as new again.