Dog Bed

Premium dog beds for those who like it extra comfy.

Premium dog beds for those who like it extra comfy. For all those who eagerly retrieve balls, bravely scare away the neighbor's cat, or stubbornly patronize their favorite man, you too need a relaxing place to nap.

Often, dog owners underestimate how much sleep their dogs really need to stay healthy. These sleepyheads require an average of 12 to 18 hours of rest a day — that’s a lot of snoozing. If you plan on napping that much, having a comfortable dog bed is key. All Cloud7 dog beds are crafted with this in mind and made of the highest quality materials so dogs can actually recover while they sleep.

High-quality dog beds aren’t just a luxury; they’re an integral part of a dog’s overall health. Built with quilted chambers and select superior fillings, Cloud7 dog bed mattresses are made with materials that always remain stable and prevent sagging even after many years of use.

Using superior materials in the crafting of their designs, Cloud7 dog beds use sustainable, chemical-free textiles for their duvet covers. After all, who wants their dog to spend most of the day napping on materials that have been treated with pollutants?

The distinct luxury of Cloud7 dog beds is also unique in its longevity, making it that much more of an easy choice. And just in case your dog loves climbing in bed with dirty paws after a long walk, all Cloud7 dog bed covers are easy to care for and machine washable.

A truly great dog bed is as pleasing to the eye of the owner as it is comfortable for their dog. Whether placed in a country house, historic loft, modern apartment or villa, Cloud7 dog beds are made to the highest design standards so they fit in with the aesthetic of even the most carefully curated homes.

How to find the right dog bed for your dog? While nothing beats a relaxing spot, regardless of the dog breed, every dog has their own preference of how exactly to slumber away the hours. Some sleep stretched out on their backs paws in the air, while others like to roll up tightly into a fur ball, paws to nose while dreaming.

The Cloud7 dog beds are available for all sleep types in different shapes and designs: The SLEEPY is ideal for dogs that prefer to nap with their heads rested on their bed’s edge. A solid dog pillow like the DREAM, SIESTA or MOON is an elegant and minimalist choice. COZY and SNOOZE are cuddly dog beds with a particularly soft mattress. Very popular with smaller dogs is the LITTLE NAP dog bed, made of luxurious pure wool felt, perfect for snuggling into. Ver new to our collection is the HIDEAWAY, a comfortable den made of stable seagrass with soft cushion elements inside.

Most Cloud7 dog beds are available in a variety of sizes and cater to all breeds from very small to XL dogs. Some Cloud7 dog beds come with washable, waterproof fabrics for those four-legged friends for whom a roll in the mud is the highest of all pleasures.