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Dog Pillows, Dog Baskets & more Dog Beds

A variety of completely washable dog beds made with high quality materials in award-winning designs.

Dog Pillows, Dog Baskets & more Dog Beds

A variety of completely washable dog beds made with high quality materials in award-winning designs.

  1. Dog Bed Cover Sleepy Deluxe Stripes Blue-Red

    Dog Bed Cover Sleepy Deluxe Stripes Blue-Red

Quality that lasts forever: Cloud7 dog beds, dog baskets & dog pillows

After a series of ball fetching, scaring the neighbourhood cats who come into the territory or shadowing their favourite human in and around the house, a relaxing nap is to follow. Especially since dogs are big sleepy heads: the average dog sleeps around 14-18 hours per day.

Someone, who needs that much sleep will naturally need a comfortable resting place such as on a dog bed, a dog wicker basket or a dog pillow. Mattresses of all Cloud7 dog beds are handcrafted and have particularly long-lasting quality and therefore can provide the four-legged a place to sleep and recover from the exciting day activities. Whether they prefer a bolster dog bed to rest their heads on, a dog cushion to perfectly fit into their crates or a dog wicker basket, all of the designs hold the highest quality of standards and form.

What kind of dog bed should you get: dog basket or dog pillow?

Every dog are different and so are their preferences for the napping spot. Some dogs like to curl up and cuddle whilst others like it to spread their legs as wide as they can and lengthen themselves in the meantime. Some also like to rest their head on an elevated surface to have a view of their favorite human at all times; some also like to tuck their head in on a soft and cuddly snuggle bed and dogs on the larger side prefer a firm mattress to support their joints. Cloud7 offers every dog with any of these various needs the perfect bed from its extensive dog bed collection.

  • classic bolster dog bed, also known as dog bed with bolster sides: the extremely stable yet cuddly dog bed with soundproof-like edges to barricade the dogs into their sleepy world.
  • round dog bed: a pouf or ottoman bed with a comfortable dip in the middle to allow dogs to sink slightly into the dog bed.
  • minimalistic dog pillow: great as crate pads with small design details with soft or firm mattress options.
  • dog basket: handcrafted seagrass or jute fibres dog wicker baskets, complemented with comfortable soft dog pillows.
  • soft and snuggly dog blanket: as a protective cover for the sofa or a cuddly addition for the sleeping area.
  • dog bag or dog carrier and dog travel beds: a sleeping spot for on the go, practical and portable dog bed.

A sustainable dog bed

Cloud7 dog beds are not mass-produced. Each and every single dog bed is handcrafted as every dog bed cover is individually sewed and each dog mattress is filled by hand. After all individual materials have been carefully curated, the durable and high quality dog beds are produced by exclusive, hand-picked specialized Fair-Trade manufacturers. In best cases, one must only buy one Cloud7 bed to last a lifetime and if over the years signs of wear and tear start to appear on the dog bed covers, interchangeable matching bed covers for the dog bed are available. This way we both contribute to supporting a sustainable consumption of dog products.

High quality dog beds made with natural and untreated fabrics:

A dog mattress for a deep healthy sleep

A comfortable and continuous sleep only happens on high quality mattresses with the correct firmness. The joints are relieved after a day’s work, the spine and body can recover effectively and muscle tension is prevented.

Comfortable: quilted chambers and high quality filling of latex and polyester flakes ensure that the mattress always remains stable and does not sag over the years.

Durable: the particular luxury of the Cloud7 dog beds is found in its durability, which is unusual and especially unique in the market of dog beds. Cloud7 dog beds keep its shape and comfort even after years of use. Each dog mattress is individually filled by hand which ensures the even distribution of support.

Washable dog bed

All of Cloud7 dog beds have removable interchangeable covers and are completely machine washable: suitable for those times where the dog jumps into the bed after a muddy adventure or with a particularly soft, crumbly and fragrant chew treat. Additionally, the dog bed with particularly effortless maintenance is our outdoor dog beds which can be easily wiped down with a damp towel and also washed in the washing machine.

Also great for a change in looks, almost all of Cloud7 dog beds have a variety of covers differing in colors and materials. Since Cloud7 dog beds keep its form for a lifetime, a new dog bed cover could after many years effortlessly make it feel like new again.

Extra large dog bed: a bed for every dog

Cloud7 offers dogs of all sizes a perfect dog bed, for especially mini dogs like Chihuahuas and large dogs such as Mastiffs. The ideal large dog bed for large dogs should allow enough space for them to stretch out, snuggle in and sleep comfortably.

Outdoor dog bed

Whether on the terrace or in the garden, your dog would appreciate a designated dog bed for outside — this way they can still be near you whilst relaxing in their own space. The cloud7 outdoor dog beds are made with highly waterproof and anti-bacterial fabric which allow raindrops to fall off easily with its moisture-resistant barrier.

Travel dog beds

Offering the equal amount of comfort just like the classic Cloud7 dog beds and dog baskets, the travel dog beds, dog mats and dog bags that are either foldable or portable are the great alternative for traveling, at hotels, at the office, at restaurants or trains. Only the best sleeping areas for the dogs.

Cloud7: designer dog bed

The best and stylish dog bed for a stylish home: at Cloud7, we think that the dogs aren’t the only ones that should get to enjoy the dog beds. But also the owners who gets to look at it and enjoy the feast to the eyes. A dog bed should not disturb the overall interior of the house, but merely blend in with its surroundings. Whether its a farmhouse, heritage building, or a modern loft apartment — with our various designs, there is bound to be a perfectly suitable Cloud7 dog bed for every interior style.

The high quality fabrics in natural tones such as Grey and Beige combined with the fine details and minimalistic shapes, our dog beds mimic the designs of exclusive luxury interior design. Enjoy the more reasons to watch your furry-friend comfortably and peacefully fall asleep in their Cloud7 dog beds. Our dog beds are only to be found in exclusive hotel rooms and suites at top class luxury hotels, especially made and customized for the four-legged guests.