Feeding Station MEALTIME

A dog’s mealtime belongs to one of their favorite times of the day. Why not elevate their culinary experience with our range of Dog Bowls in various styles including ceramic dog bowl, enamel dog bowl or premium stainless steel dog bowl. There is guaranteed something for everyone’s style. Take this chance and match your dog’s feeding station to your interior, after all it’s also a feast for the eyes.

Dog Bowls

Bon Appétit: with the tasty food bowls from Cloud7.

If dogs could surf on the Cloud7 website themselves, the site with the beautiful food bowls would probably be the most read. The feeding time is the best time of the day for most dogs.

Whether fed once, twice or even more often, the dog's internal clock always works accurately and reliably displays the exact time of the meal with the precision of a Swiss chronometer. Woe if master or mistress is late with the food...

When the time comes, every step of the preparation is monitored with an alert eye. And finally - after good waiting and command - the belly can finally be filled.

It doesn't matter whether you use dry food or wet food, barbecue or cook yourself; whether you have a fast eater at home who inhales the food within seconds or rather a stage eater who takes a break every now and then between the snacks - it always tastes good from a beautiful Cloud7 dog bowl.

Ceramic bowls for dog with taste.

The stylish ceramic bowls are manufactured in a traditional factory. The casting moulds are specially manufactured according to Cloud7 design drafts - thus creating individual design bowls for every taste.

- The classic curved bowls of the "JAMIE" collection are available in the colours "WHITE", "RED" and "BLUE" and are available in diameter sizes of 15 cm, 19 cm and 23 cm respectively. The bowls of the "JAMIE" series are dishwasher safe - only if the dog's tongue does not clean thoroughly enough.

- The high-quality dog bowl "OLIVER" with its matt ceramic surface in elegant "WARM GREY" is a real eye-catcher. Whereby the hungry dog is probably most interested in the inside. The inside wall of the bowl is smooth glazed, so that the dog's tongue can lick out the bowl really well at the end. The feeding bowl "OLIVER" has a diameter of 19 cm and is the only one not suitable for the dishwasher.

- The beautifully shaped "FERRAN MOCCA" dog bowl is refined with a discreet pattern and is also made of high-quality ceramic. The bowl with the elegant minimalist design is available in two different sizes with 15 cm and 19 cm diameter and can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

- The ceramic dog bowl "YOJI" with its stylish, illustrative structure is available in two different designs and in two sizes, so that small and large eaters can enjoy the beautiful food bowl. Of course, the handmade bowl is also dishwasher-safe.

Enamel food bowls in a charming vintage design.

Enamel has been around since grandmother's time - now also as very pretty dog bowls from Cloud7. Thanks to the thin enamel coating, the bowls are not only particularly light, but also robust and uncomplicated.

The "GRANNY" feeding bowl is available with a matching lid - perfect for defrosting B.a.r.f. Food and for the dogs that don't eat everything in one fell swoop.

In classic "ROSÉ" or timeless "GREY", the "GRANNY" bowl delights people with homely charm - and the dog with plenty of room for food. The dog bowl is optionally available with a diameter of 16 or 18 cm and is dishwasher-safe.

Everywhere: the foldable travel bowl.

No matter where you go, the dog iron bowl "TAKE AWAY" from Cloud7 will take you on every trip. The lightweight bowl is not only light and robust, but can also be folded to save space or simply attached to the backpack with the sewn-on snap hook. So the 100% waterproof dog bowl is always at hand, even during short breaks on the beach or during a mountain tour.

The food bowls from Cloud7: Much too nice to eat.

The high-quality dog bowls from Cloud7 are a real eye-catcher - even if the food is already devoured. And because they are far too beautiful to be washed away before the next meal, they are of course also ideal as stylish water bowls.