1. Vegan dog collar warm colours webbing
    Dog Collar Click Prater Sunset
  2. Cotton dog collar with silver buckle and cornflower pattern
    Dog Collar Cornfield
    from €31.00 Regular Price €45.00
  3. Closed cotton dog collar with small flower pattern
    Dog Collar Mille Fleurs
    from €31.00 Regular Price €45.00
  4. Geschlossenes veganes Halsband aus Stoff in grau meliert mit hellen Rändern
    Collar Coco Taupe
    from €19.50 Regular Price €39.00
  5. Closed dog collar made of fabric with stripes in pink, pink, olive and brown
    Collar Grace Brown
    from €19.50 Regular Price €39.00
  6. Closed martingale fabric collar with stripes in pink, pink, olive and brown
    Martingale Collar Grace Brown
    from €17.50 Regular Price €35.00

Dog collar & harness

Going out with style.

The daily walks are the highlight of the day for every dog. And for most dog owners of course the same. Whether on extensive discovery tours through woods and meadows or on a relaxed stroll in the city - there is always plenty to discover.

But let's be honest: Most of the time the eyes are on the dog and his joyful wandering around. There the four-legged friend should look naturally particularly pretty. With a stylish collar for the dog or dog harness from Cloud7, the faithful companion draws attention everywhere.

The Cloud7 dog collar and leash collections convince with simple elegance. The minimalist design in discreet natural shades dispenses with frills and superfluous decorative elements and convinces with elegant details. The use of the best materials from leather, natural textile and high-quality metal parts ensures stability and longevity.

Quality hand-made.

No matter if dog collar leather or fabric: All collars and harnesses are lovingly made by hand in small manufactories. Thus quality is created, which can be seen.

Elegant, handmade braided details; robust, vegetable tanned and oiled leather; refined fabrics and details; clasps and carabiners in real solid brass or stainless steel - only the best is good enough for the Cloud7 collars and harnesses:

- For the "HYDE PARK" line, strong cowhide leather is braided for the dog collar.

- The "TIERGARTEN" collection uses high-quality, soft nubuck leather.

- The "CENTRAL PARK", "RIVERSIDE PARK" and "STANLEY PARK" designs are made from supple greased leather.

- In the "VONDELPARK" series, the dog collar is made of wide nappa leather.

- The vegan necklace models "HUGO", "COCO" AND "GRACE" are made of natural cotton, which is combined with an ornamental band.

The Cloud7 dog collars and harnesses are particularly robust, stable and tearproof due to the selected materials and the careful workmanship.

A pendant made of solid brass or stainless steel on the collars and harnesses can be engraved with the dog's name and telephone number.

Harness or collar? Both.

The decision between collar and harness is not easy and divides the dog world already for years. Many dog owners now prefer the dog harness to the dog collar.

Straightforward in large dogs, in dog training or in puppies who have not yet learned to walk relaxed on a leash, a well-fitting harness often makes sense from a health point of view.

The harness distributes the forces acting on the leash - e.g. through the dog's pre-rushing or pulling - more comfortably over the entire chest area of the dog than a collar, where the forces are concentrated only on the sensitive neck region.

You should also use a dog harness when using a tow rope. It avoids injuries of the sensitive dog neck, if the four-legged friend prepares to the spurt and is braked abruptly by the drag line. The harness is also recommended for hikes in difficult terrain - so the owner can also secure and support the dog with a handle.

It is important that the crockery is perfectly processed and fits perfectly. The harness should not sit too tight or loose; the front legs and shoulder blade should be able to move freely and unhindered; the abdominal belt should not rub against the armpit. So the four-legged friend can enjoy the walk fully and completely.

Well-behaved dogs that can walk relaxed on a loose leash as well as freewheeling dogs usually prefer the collar. It is lighter and they feel it less. In addition, the danger of getting caught somewhere is lower. So it makes sense to get the dog used to the collar as well as to the harness. So you can choose the right dog for every situation in a relaxed way.

Cloud7 offers a wide range of sizes from XS to XXL for the perfect fit of collars and harnesses. So all breeds from small dachshunds to big mastiffs will find the right size.

Necklace and harness the dog likes to wear.

Whether dog collar or harness, whether leather or textile - with the models of Cloud7 you can underline the personality of your favorite stylishly and at the same time give him security. So that every walk becomes a positive experience.