Go Walkies

With Cloud7, everything on the walk is always there on the walk.

While people are still thinking about what the weather will be like and which jacket is the right choice, the dog has long been impatiently standing in front of the door waiting for it to finally start. So quickly out of the house and into the dog pleasure - until the person notices that all the important things, such as treats and dog excrement bags, have remained at home in the other jacket pocket. With the smart Cloud7 accessories for the dog walk, this is guaranteed not to happen again.

Walk cleanly with the stylish manure bag dispenser.

Even if the dog has learned in the course of its domestication to go to the toilet, unfortunately does not belong to it. If the dog has to, it has to. And he usually does that exactly where he likes it. Again, not all people like that - and that's why it should always be a matter of course to clear away the dog's legacy.

With the practical Doggy-Do-Bag from Cloud7, walkers always have enough dog excrement bags with them. If necessary, the bag can simply be refilled with new bags. The handy containers made of purely organic felt can be attached to a leash, belt or bag with Velcro fasteners or carabiners - so you will never forget them again.

The organic dog excrement bags.

The compostable dog excrement bags are thoroughly clean - also for the environment. Because they are 100% degradable and "OK Compost" certified. The bags are extra thick, thick, opaque, tear-resistant, moisture-resistant and allow safe disposal.

The practical Goodie Bag has room for everything: treats, toys, excrement bags and even more treats.

For the big dog walk you have to think of many things; not that the master and mistress suddenly stand without a dog excrement bag - or even worse without toys and treats. Everything has its place in the Cloud7 Goodie-Bag.

In the handy bag made of waterproof fabric, treats are stowed away ready to hand and the jacket or coat pocket remains crumb-free. Even a ball or your favourite toy can still be stowed away in it when it's drooling full again. And with the integrated manure bag dispenser, the dog owner is guaranteed not to be left empty-handed when the worst comes to the worst.

With carabiner or velcro strap, the treat bag can be conveniently attached to a bag or belt.

Hand-carved and unmistakable: the dog whistle made of deer horn.

No matter how well educated the dog may be, if he is just ripping through the meadow with his dog friends or if he is highly concentrated and follows a scent trail with his nose on the ground, the recall will sometimes be overheard.

A short whistle with the Cloud7 dog whistle and the four-legged friend knows immediately that he is wanted. The hand-carved deer horn pipe produces a bright, clear individual tone and can be worn elegantly around the neck with the fine goatskin collar.

No matter where the walk takes you, with the little helpers of Cloud7 you will always find everything that dogs and humans need.