Cloud7 Dog Leash Tiergarten Sandy

Robust & high-quality Leather dog leads
Made with natural materials

Handcrafted leather dog leads with high quality metal detailing. Made in EU.

Dog Leash Tivoli Greige
Dog Leash Ravello Hazel
Dog Leash Central Park Saddle Brown Silver
from €62.30 €89.00
Dog Leash Riverside Park Camel Silver
from €69.00
Dog Leash Riverside Park Camel Gold
from €69.00
Dog Leash Riverside Park Saddle Brown Gold
from €69.00
Dog Leash Riverlino with Hand Loop Saddle Brown Silver
€48.30 €69.00
Dog Leash Riverlino Saddle Brown Silver
Dog Leash Riverlino Saddle Brown Gold
Dog Leash Hyde Park Cognac
from €169.00
Dog Leash Riverlino with Hand Loop Camel Gold
€48.30 €69.00

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Leather Leashes

Stylish in the park with Cloud7 leather linen.

A dog leash belongs to the basic equipment of every dog. Because even if free running is ideal for dogs and humans, the leash cannot be dispensed with in many situations. With her the owner guides his four-legged friend safely through life.

In many cities there is a leash obligation, which must be respected; but also in many other situations and occasions the use of the leash can be appropriate: in heavy traffic, encounters with anxious persons or encounters with injured dogs it goes without saying that the owner accompanies the dog leashed through the situation.

The Cloud7 leather leashes are real pieces of jewellery, which fit perfectly in their simple elegance to the respective leather collars and/or the dog harness. And to ensure safe control in every situation.

Handmade for highest quality.

The elegant dog leashes are handmade in a small leather factory using only the best quality materials.

The leather is vegetable-tanned and oiled and is therefore not only particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable, but also robust, stable and tear-resistant. Moreover, due to this gentle tanning process, the longevity is much higher than with conventionally tanned leathers.

The clasps and carabiners are made of real solid brass or stainless steel. These are braided and sewn by hand. All edges are carefully rounded and cleanly polished by hand.

Exclusive leather linen in stylish colours.

The leash is not only an aid, but should also underline the style of dog and man. Therefore Cloud7 offers leather linen in different collections and colours:

- the lines of the "TIERGARTEN" collection, made of particularly soft and hand-flattering nubuck leather, inspire with their almost velvety surface, as the leather is lightly buffed on the grain side. With the elegant colour palette from the natural "MOCCA" brown to the warm "TAUPE" grey, the noble "PARK GREEN" to the luminous "CHERRY RED" the choice is not easy. The gold-plated solid brass carabiners and rings complete the stylish, minimalist design.

- The "HYDE PARK" collection with sophisticated braiding details is a real eye-catcher. Available in elegant "COGNAC" brown or classic "BLACK", the linen is made from strong cowhide leather, which is extra tear-resistant and robust. The wax worked into the leather after tanning makes it water-repellent and over time it develops a beautiful natural patina, which gives it even more character.

- the beautiful "CENTRAL PARK" leash made of high-quality greased leather convinces all along the line. Due to the particularly intensive greasing of the processed leather, the leash is soft and supple, but at the same time extra robust, stable and durable. The elegant braiding is carefully handmade. The high-quality metal parts made of stainless steel fit perfectly to the warm "SADDLE BROWN" as well as to the "BLACK" colour.

- the "STANLEY PARK" leash with wrist strap is wonderfully light and lies particularly comfortably in the hand. Like all Cloud7 lines it is handmade in Germany. The carefully waxed leather is wonderfully smooth and develops a patina over time, which emphasizes the naturally intense color of the brown leather.

- the elegant "RIVERSIDE" leash with filigree braiding details is made of soft greased leather. This is robust and durable and gives the leash with the filigree braiding details a very special look. Due to the integrated intermediate rings, the leash can be adjusted to three different lengths and can be comfortably worn over shoulder and hip during a walk. Over time, the oiled leather develops an unmistakable organic patina.

For all who want to lead more than one dog on a leash, the matching coupling piece is perfect. This is provided at both ends with carabiners and can be fastened over a ring quite simply at the main line.

- the dog leash "VONDELPARK" with hand strap is made of robust wool rope with applications of fine nappa leather in the colours "TOFFEE" or "BURGUND". The line is pleasantly light and at the same time very stable and tearproof. Due to the different, integrated intermediate rings, the length of the leash can be adjusted several times, so that the four-legged friend remains under control in every situation - and on top of that it simply looks good.

The right length in every situation.

The Cloud7 lines "HYDE PARK", "TIERPARK", "VONDELPARK" and "RIVERSIDE" are flexibly adjustable so that the four-legged companion can be optimally guided in every situation: short for strolling in the busy pedestrian zone and medium or maximum length for relaxed side-by-side strolling with sniffer units. When the dog runs free, the leash can be carried elegantly over the shoulder.

For those who prefer a fixed line length, the lines "CENTRAL PARK" and "STANLEY PARK" are the right choice. They have a length of 110 cm and always fit perfectly in the hand with the practical hand strap.

The leather leashes are available in two different widths - 1.5 cm and 2 cm.

Everything under control in style.

With a Cloud7 leather leash, leashing will always be a special pleasure. The four-legged friend cuts a fine figure so stylish everywhere - together with a matching Cloud7 leather collar of course all the more.