Treat Jar Alain Avocado
Treat Jar Alain Cinnamon
Treat Jar Donna Almond
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Storage Basket Cuddly
from €15.00
Storage Basket Jute Natural/Cream
from €24.50 €35.00
Storage Basket Jute Natural/Black
from €35.00
Seagrass Storage Basket
Storage Basket Hideaway
Feeding Mat Jute Natural/Cream
from €20.00
Feeding Mat Jute Natural/Black
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Deco Dog Johan Tweed Grey
Dog Bowl Alain Cinnamon
from €19.00
Dog Bowl Alain Avocado
from €19.00

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Living more beautifully: with the Cloud7 home accessories.

First things first: Yes, of course it is possible to live beautifully with a dog. Not least thanks to the stylishly designed dog beds from Cloud7, which fit perfectly into any tasteful home.

And also the decorative Cloud7 home accessories make every stylish home for dog lovers even more beautiful.

A best friend made of fabric: the Deco Dog from Cloud7.

A home only becomes really comfortable when a four-legged friend has moved in. Someone who's always there for someone you can play with and who can't get enough caresses.

The lovely Cloud7 Deko Dog "JOHAN" is the best friend for all who can't have a dog. He waits patiently at home, even if it takes longer. He doesn't complain when there's no time for him. He doesn't need any food. Don't have to go to dog school. He doesn't want to walk in rainy weather. And he doesn't dirty anything.

The Cloud7 decorative cloth dog is a lovely family member and available in different colours and fabrics:

- Robust, white cotton canvas made of organic cotton

- Grey tweed from hemp-cotton blends

- Fluffy soft from pure wool in brown

- To nestle on made of white plush made of organic cotton

With a height of 41 cm "JOHAN" is a real eye-catcher and perfect for small and big cuddle friends. The only thing he's not quite good at is barking.

Order can be: with the Cloud7 felt basket.

Dog toys, dog towels, dog shoes, dog coats, leashes, collars, and and and -All these things need a place where you can find them when you need them. A place like the practical and pretty felt basket from Cloud7.

In the basket made of 100% organic wool felt everything finds its place and is neatly supplied. And with the practical leather carrying handles, the basket can also be put to one side. So the apartment always stays neat and tidy and simply looks good.