Dog coats for all weather DESIGN MEETS FUNCTIONALITY

Never an accessory, but always an extra layer of protection. Whether puppies or older dogs, the purpose of our dog coats is to protect your furry-friend from the unpredictable weather, the frosty breeze when the seasons change, or when you’re going on a long winter adventure. From thinnest to thickest, we have designed and created a range of dog coats for all weather forecasts possible. Built to last at least a dog’s lifetime.

Dog Coats & Bandanas

Form follows function: the dog clothing from Cloud7

When it comes to clothing for the dog, the needs of the four-legged friends at Cloud7 come first. Because no dog likes silly disguises. That's why Cloud7's dog coats and bandanas combine elegant design with perfect functionality.

A must-have for many dogs: the dog coat.

A dog coat is much more than just a fun, fashionable accessory. It has a considerable added health value, prevents diseases and alleviates complaints of dogs already ill.

Shorthaired breeds, animal protection dogs from the south, but also some long-haired breeds and hybrids have no warming undercoat. They cool down quickly in rain and cold, as they literally get wet down to the skin.

In the city the dogs are kept on a leash. There are waiting times before traffic lights or while shopping. The dog has fewer opportunities to warm up properly and increase body temperature. He starts to freeze, shiver and tremble. But also active dogs are grateful for a dog coat. They quickly lose a lot of heat after romping around and thus become more susceptible to injuries and illnesses.

Small dogs are also at a disadvantage in bad weather. With their short legs, they are even more exposed to the cold by the proximity to the ground. The sensitive abdominal region with its vital organs cools down more quickly.

Warming support is particularly important for older or sick dogs. Arthrosis, hip dysplasia or other joint problems cause them to move more slowly and less frequently. Wetness and cold increase the sensation of pain and can thus lead to further tension in muscles or injuries to tendons or ligaments. A well fitting dog coat keeps the seniors and patients warm and dry.

Save your darling in the cold season the trembling walks with drawn in tail and Trippelschritte. With a Cloud7 dog coat you have a happy, warmly wrapped dog at your side who wants to discover the world with you.

Perfectly dressed in any weather.

No matter if it is bitterly cold outside or rains without ceasing, Cloud7 has just the right coat for every weather. All Dog Coats from Cloud7 can be put on and taken off in no time with a simple Velcro fastener. And so that everyone from Chihuahua to Great Dane can find the right coat, they are available in numerous sizes from XS to XL.

- the "BROOKLYN" dog coat is the right choice in cold and wet weather due to the waterproof outer material and a warm inner lining.

- the "OXFORD" coat keeps you warm thanks to the waterproof outer material on the hull with warm inner lining and the cuddly fleece in the chest area. This is stretchy and offers additional freedom of movement.

- the greyhound coat "CAMBRIDGE" is specially tailored to the proportions of the different greyhound breeds keeps wind chimes, galgo and Co nice and warm.

- the dog sweater "DEVON" not only looks good with the beautiful fish degree fabric, but also keeps you wonderfully warm on cold, dry days.

- with the dog raincoat "LONDON" there is no bad weather anymore. The raincoat keeps four-legged friends pleasantly dry even in wet weather.

Fashionable walks with the trendy bandanas from Cloud7.

Admittedly, bandanas don't really serve a special purpose, except that the dog looks like a little adventurer when walking in the park or strolling in the city.

With a neckerchief from Cloud7 quadrupeds put in any case everywhere a stylish appearance.

The stuff trends are made of.

The Bandanas by Cloud7 are made of the finest fabrics and take part in every adventure. And if they get dirty, they can simply be machine washed.

The scarves are available in stylish colours and patterns. Also in the beautiful fabrics of LIBERTY LONDON. And because good taste is not a question of size, the fashionable bandanas are available in three sizes from S to L.

The Bandana is simply tied over the collar around the dog's neck and is a special eye-catcher on every walk round.