Dog Wear

Stylish dog coats that look good in any weather.

Stylish dog coats are much more than just fun fashion accessories. Many breeds have only a shorthaired summer coat that lacks any dense undercoat. While short hair may be perfectly suited to hot days in warm regions, it falls short in the cold, rainy autumn, and winter months.

For those pups that need to don an extra layer during the chilly months, Cloud7 has created a series of functional and stylish dog clothes. Having invested over 2 years of development to tailor the perfect line of stylish dog coats, the assorted new designs quickly became a Cloud7 classic and gained a loyal following around the world.

The Cloud7 stylish dog coats are sophisticated garments that are perfectly tailored to a dog’s needs. With a dog coat by Cloud7, your dog wears a product that combines an elegant appearance with perfect functionality.

The robust, waterproof outer material keeps out moisture. The stylish collar and the soft, warm fleece-lining keeps a dog dry and warm without sweating. The small opening with a zipper makes it easy to attach a harness.

The design is unique and thoughtful. No other stylish dog coats on the market can be put on and taken off in such a simple and uncomplicated way within seconds. And more importantly for any dog, without any annoying, unpleasant paws openings to have to struggle into. The super-light coat is simply slipped on overhead and fastened with Velcro around the belly. An elastic band also fixes the coat's end, so nothing slips or slides. Thanks to the seamless fit and lightweight design, your dog will hardly notice it’s wearing a coat.

Only Cloud7 has each coat available in 11 different sizes. Dogs of all dimensions and breeds are guaranteed to find the right cut for them including a special edition for all Greyhound breeds.

In contrary to the dog coats the Cloud7 dog bandanas don’t really serve any purpose other than making the dog look cute and fun when going out for a stroll in the park or downtown. Made from finest Italian linen or with exclusive Liberty fabrics from London your dog will surely be dressed stylish.