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Dog Coats for Winter

Dog Coat Brooklyn

The beloved all rounder dog coat for cooler temperatures with tailor-like fit. With soft Fleece lining combined with water resistant, elegant materials and zipper opening for harnesses and collars.

Dog Coat Brooklyn for Dachshunds

Dog Coat Brooklyn for French Bulldogs

Dog Coat Brooklyn for Sighthounds & Italian Greyhound

Back in stock: Dog Coat Alaska

Extra warm dog coat with Eco Puffer made from recycled post-consumer PET plastic.

Dog Coat Alaska for Dachshunds

Dog Coat Alaska for French Bulldogs

  1. Dog Coat Alaska FR. BULLDOG Olive

    Dog Coat Alaska FR. BULLDOG Olive

Dog Coat Yukon

Functional dog wintercoat made with extremely durable materials yet soft padding for a comfortable fit.

The best dog winter coats

What is a good winter dog coat?

A dog coat for winter should have a great fit and not interfere with the natural movements of the dog’s body. The individual dog breeds and various sizes from Chihuahua to Great Danes, require more than the regular XS to XL. Exactly why Cloud7 offers an extensive range of sizes, from 1 to 12 as well as special tailored-fit designs for particularly unique dog breeds such as Dachshund, French Bulldog and Greyhound. With or without a functional dog coat in winter, dogs should be able to enjoy wrestling, playing and running with maximal mobility. Especially during colder days, a cozy, warm Fleece-lined coat with waterproof outer materials is necessary to withstand the snow, sleet, rain and wind. Alongside sustainable materials, Cloud7 focuses on durability and effortless washability; after all, dogs will be dogs. The look of the dog winter jacket however should meet the standards of the owner: this also applies to the throughout designs and quality of the dog jacket.

Do dogs need a winter coat?

Dogs, in particular senior dogs, dogs with joint pain or joint stiffness such as arthritis or dogs with limited mobility are strongly recommended to wear a dog coat in winter in order to protect the body and prevent colds. This also applies to dogs who have little to none undercoat such as pugs, dachshunds, chihuahua or dogs with warm climate origins. Although, even healthy dogs could profit from wearing a dog jacket in winter, especially in the cases of city dogs who have limited ability to run freely to generate warmth.

A rule of thumb: if your dog shivers in chilly temperatures, without the presence of stress triggers, a dog coat can resolve the problem quickly in the winter. A dog coat now is no longer a fashion accessory but a highly functional layer of protection for our furry-friends.

Do large dog breeds need a winter coat?

Whether a dog should wear a dog coat completely depends on their individual preferences, however the best example would be a Rhodesian Ridgeback who has the tendency of needing a dog coat especially on cooler days as they are prone to shivering in low temperatures. For most Ridgebacks are our dog coats in size 10-12 the perfect fit. Even in the case of Labrador retrievers, that are in the early days built to jump into ice cold waters are more susceptible to the cold as they get older through the slowed movements and therefore should have their vital organs and ageing joints correctly protected. Discover the Cloud7 range of dog coats with size ranges from XXS to XXL for dogs up to 50 kg.

Should puppies and young dogs wear coats?

Not all puppies and adolescent dogs need coats. This fully depends on when they were born as they are more likely to have shed all of their puppy coat by the time winter nears, as well as whether they have enough opportunities to roam around in comparison to the city puppy. However contrite to popular beliefs, a poodle puppy could benefit from a dog coat due to their soft fluffy yet thin puppy fur. See our rule of thumb for a guideline. Our customer service team will gladly assist you should you need help on deciding the right size for your puppy.

Can harnesses be worn with dog coats?

All of Cloud7 dog coats are detailed with a zipper opening for the harness hole to allow easy access for dog leases to reach the dog collars and dog harnesses. The sweaters however are not equipped with a zipper opening, but should a harness be worn, it can be easily worn over the sweater.

Waterproof dog coat

Frosty cold wind and sleet can quickly ruin the mood of what should be an adventurous day. The same also applies for dogs that there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. All of Cloud7 dog coats are either made with extra waterproof polyurethane membrane, waxed cotton or coated with a waterproofing agent in order to enhance the protection against wind and rain from coming in contact with the dog’s body. In addition to a layer of warmth is a waterproof dog winter jacket a great way to prevent any outside dirt to come onto your walls or furniture, especially snow slush. Instead of an elaborate bath, simply wipe their feet and maybe their underbelly and back inside the house.

An insider tip: if your dog did managed to get themselves drenched despite their dog coat, a dog bathrobe is a particularly great investment especially for long-haired dogs. A dog bathrobe help to speed up the drying process after a wet walk whilst preventing water droplets from getting onto the walls.

Cloud7 Dog Coat Brooklyn Flanell Grey

Dog coat for small dogs: Chihuahua, Pugs, Terriers & co

A lot of individuals opt for a small dog breed whilst living in the city, who tends to accompany them in their daily lives. Whether it’s going to the office, a quick restaurant visit, waiting for the metro train to come or to the weekly farmers market. Small dogs especially, are more susceptible to the cold by simply being closer to the grounds or snow-covered areas; even more when you have to regularly stop and wait for the pedestrian lights to turn green. A dog coat is highly necessary and extremely recommended for dogs who live in the city.

A Chihuahua usually fit perfectly into Cloud7’s size 1 to 3; whereas Pugs should be in between 3 - 5 and Terriers between 4-6. For a detailed information on how to find the correct size dog coat for your dog, please refer to each individual size chart and emphasise on the weight of the dog.

Dog Coat Alaska Dachshound Olive
Dog Coat Alaska Dachshound Olive

Do French Bulldogs need a winter coat?

The muscular built and broader shoulders of the French Bulldog makes it difficult for them to find a perfect fitting dog coat. The Cloud7 French Bulldog winter coat is designed to comfortably fit the shorter spine and broader chest. Discover dog winter coats for French Bulldogs with belly cover here.

High demand: the Dachshund coat

Specially designed Dachshund coat to provide a comfortable fit in elegant winter coat designs for the long back and small chest circumference of the Teckel. Their susceptibleness to get cold easily lies in the close proximity to the ground. More often than not, Dachshunds have hardly any fur on their bellies, which means that the snow slush on the ground would splash back onto their sensitive naked bellies. This can be easily resolved by wearing Dachshund winter coat to protect not only the naked areas on their body, but also the vital organs to avoid catching a cold. Find our range of Dachshund jackets here.

Sighthounds coat: do they need it?

In most cases, you would see a shivering Italian Greyhound or whippet on the streets when the temperatures hit lower than 20°C. That alone is a clear sign to use the function of a dog coat. Due to their small athletic build and warm climate origin, Sighthounds or Greyhounds, Podencos, Galgos alike do not naturally have undercoat to keep them warm and protect them from four different seasons. A Greyhound coat with soft Fleece for winter is smaller in design, has a lengthened and adjusted collar and a slight curve in the spine area. Find our range of luxurious Sighthound coat here.

An overview of the various models of Cloud7 dog winter coat

Alongside the regular cut for both small dogs and large dogs in 12 sizes is the Brooklyn Dog Winter Coat available in special tailored-fit designs for Dachshunds, French Bulldogs and Sighthounds. The comfortable dog coat with warm Fleece lining is also great for harnesses as the zipper opening acting as a harness hole allows easy access for the dog leash. The simple and elegant dog coat is available in various water-resistant materials such as outdoor fabric, luxurious waxed cotton or wool-mix in a range of classic colorways.

Cloud7 Hundemantel Brooklyn Waxed Tartan
 Cloud7 Hundemantel Brooklyn Waxed Tartan

The world’s first recycled dog coat made with 100% sustainable materials from used PET bottles, the puffer Dog Coat Alaska warms dogs just as much as a down-filled coat would. The popular demand of the sustainable dog coat in puffer look led to the creation of special tailored-fit cuts for Dachshunds, French Bulldogs and Sighthounds. The sustainable dog collection consists of a dog puffer jacket, a dog bag in puffer look, a luxurious travel bed with warm fluffy lining and more.

Cloud7 Dog Coat Alaska Cream

The most durable dog coat made with fabrics from the workwear industry: the Dog Coat Yukon in Stone Grey and Neon Orange are particularly robust and great for hunting dogs and retriever dogs. When opting for a city-friendly version, the Yukon Camouflage is a fluffier and softer version of the three. The optimal fit of the dog jacket ensures maximal mobility especially for highly active dogs, working dogs or snow dogs.

Cloud7 Hundemantel Yukon Stone Grey
Cloud7 Hundemantel Yukon Stone Grey