Dog Raincoats

Stay dry and look good: The raincoats from Cloud7.

Even if it rains and storms outside - dogs have to go outside in any weather. It doesn't matter whether it's just a small gas tour or an extensive adventure tour into nature. But not all dogs are fans of the wet element. Some people refuse to put a paw in front of the door when it rains. Well, there are the Cloud7 raincoats.


Rain cover for water shy.

The ultralight coat is made of organic cotton and coated with a waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane. The seams are taped and therefore also waterproof.

The intelligent, minimalist and well thought-out design not only makes the raincoat look elegant - it also fits perfectly. The collar as well as the back length are adjustable with a cord stopper. The rain cover can be put on and taken off in an instant.

Office dogs get dry to work, walks become a pleasure even during rain showers and even water-shy four-legged friends stay in a good mood on the Gassirunde.