Cloud7 Office Dog Must-Haves

Cloud7 Office Dog Must-Haves

Being a company who dedicates themselves to dog products, it’s natural for us to be surrounded by not only fellow (human) colleagues in the office but also their four-legged friends. In this blog, prepare yourself to virtually meet all of Cloud7 furry employees and their must-haves for the office.

The Boss(es) aka The Boys

And then there were three? Or has there always been three? Freddy, Matti and Otto or who we like to call, The Boys, are the three pups belonging to our founder Petra Jungebluth and her husband. Never afraid speak his mind is the cheeky Freddy, a white, black and tan long-haired whippet, who’s always there to make sure there’s order in the office likes to always have his mom in his peripherals i.e. where Petra is, there is Freddy. Otto, oh the so cuddly Otto is the calmest of them all. The Cypriot-native likes to greet everyone first thing in the morning to find a cuddle buddy for the day i.e. when Otto visits, you must never stop petting. And last but not least, the sneaky Matti, a brindle long-haired whippet and the youngest of three who likes to sneak a little bite of whatever food he can find; chicken on the table? Trust me, it’s long gone by now.

Office dogs since day 1, The Boys are the least of our worries. They need nothing more than their fresh water in their Dylan Dog Bowl and their Sleepy Plush in mom’s office. Give them a place to snuggle up, and you’ll see them with their legs in the air, snoring away together in no time.

Otto Otto in the Dog Bed Sleepy Plush Grey


Another long-timer is our Froppy, who belongs to Joanna aka Warehouse Queen. His day-to-day job includes watching if the DHL couriers carefully and properly places all of your orders in the big yellow thing with wheels and making sure all products are to be found in the exact spot where they should be. With no care in the world, Froppy can be found in his Yeti or on the floor, splooting and chewing away at his favorite piece of Natural Chewing Rod.

Froppy Froppy with a Personalized Dog Bandana Natural Linen Jungle


The one-speed man aka Pauli, the one who is so unbelievably chill and laid-back that you usually don’t see any movement from him unless his (annoying) friend Otis is around to rile things up. A born-snuggler, he’s the least fussy dog that we know, unless his mom Melissa is one minute late for breakfast time! Pauli likes to start his office-days eating breakfast out of the Yoji Creme Dots Dog Bowl and the rest of the day cuddled up in his Snoozy Dog Bed in the far left corner of the marketing team room.


The loud but stuck-in-a-small-body Otis, is the first to bark at first ring of the doorbell. With all that young pup energy, Otis can be found running around provoking everyone else found or just causing pure chaos in the office. The running around all day means that he will go to drink the fresh water out of his Granny Dog Bowl multiple times in the span of 2 hours. However, once you get his afternoon run in, where everyone else stays at a nice breezy walking pace and Otis does his best to get his 10,000 steps in, you will find him napping the rest of his day on the Sleepy Deluxe Dog Bed with his favorite Dove Blue Fleece Blanket in the other far corner of the marketing team room.


Hard shell, soft heart: the 35 kilo Ridgeback belonging to our COO Birgit with her large presence is by far the loudest of the pack. Although presenting one tough exterior, the big sook surprises people with her gentle nature. After an early morning mice chase, she spends most of her working day relaxing on the Homey Mélange Olive (which by the way, was originally designed and developed to match her personal taste) and taking gulps of water whilst splashing in 100 different directions from the extra large Yoji Dog Bowl. Lisca is a personality one can never refuse.

Lisca Lisca & Froppy in a Dog Bed Homey Mélange Olive


Oh sweet Peppa, the newest and youngest yet possibly by far the largest in the Cloud7 Pack, is the one that will make you laugh with her floppy ears, out-of-place tongue and her uncoordinated puppy legs. Still unsure of what it means to be in the office, when not on time out attached to the table by her Riverside Leash, she can be found sneaking around to find her next wrestle buddy or learning how to deal with her puppy energy in the Hideaway Cotton Jade Dog Basket.

And as for a hint of normality, sometimes you can find a Love Bone Plush or a Fips the Fox lying around in the corridors.

Peppa Peppa with a Bandana Sea Stars

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