Walter Glassof und Bonnie The Dog House: Monika & Pina von Plant Circle

The Dog House: Monika & Pina from Plant Circle

Friends & families of Cloud7 opened up their homes, creative spaces, offices and cafés in this portrait series where we visit and photograph them in their elements whilst answering a series of short questions about their loyal four-legged companion, who are lucky enough to trot along in their daily lives. Enjoy a snippet of our visit to Plant Circle’s headquarters to meet Monika and Pina.

Located behind a series of brick walls and steel doors, unbeknownst to the outside world stood an indoor greenhouse with countless numbers of exotic plants in the former headquarters of Plant Circle.

As we approached the door behind a humble wooden signage holding the company’s logo, we were greeted with not only Monika, the back-then journalist with a hobby for all things living and green now plant enthusiast girl boss, and her troop of curious wet noses on four legs. A series of sniffs later, the Cloud7 team emptied our pockets of treats and successfully passed the pre-entry security check. We briefly toured the Plant Circle space as Monika tells us about the various kinds of indoor plants and their needs as Pina, a mostly white with black splattered spots and one standing ear little terrier mix who responds to both her name and the sounds of a treat packaging ruffleing, came running enthusiastically out of ‘her’ office as she found out what the job entails.

The Dog House: Monika & Pina from Plant Circle
The Dog House: Monika & Pina from Plant Circle

Having lived in Berlin for close to a decade, Monika has had the time to explore the city before she decided to add Pina to her life.

“It was around the same time as when I first started thinking of adopting (a dog)”.

After getting herself involved in dog rescue organizations, she decided to reach out to an organization on Instagram to meet Pina whilst she was being fostered in Berlin.

“The moment we met, Pina ran straight over to me and I said to myself, that’s my dog right there”.

The Dog House: Monika & Pina from Plant Circle
The Dog House: Monika & Pina from Plant Circle

Named after the world famous German dancer & choreographer Pina Bausch and not Pina Colada, Pina the dog had her eyes locked in for Monika as she ran her hands through the plants to check for damaged leaves.

“I think my life is different now that I have a dog, I didn’t realize that it's not as dog friendly in other cities like it is in Berlin. That (having a dog) actually made me even happier to live in this city”.

Monika added on that it was also a natural decision for her to allow her team to bring their dogs to work.

“It just makes it so much more fun to be in the office when there are dogs running around – and we feel so much more at peace”

With dogs constantly running around in the office amidst the operation chaos, we also asked Monika which dog product(s) in her opinion are most important to have.

“Cloud7 for me speaks high quality and stylish. A dog product should be durable, comfortable for the dog and stylish. And, if one could only choose one product, I would invest in a good quality dog bed for sure.”

The Dog House: Monika & Pina from Plant Circle
The Dog House: Monika & Pina from Plant Circle

Pina’s picks:

For more of Pina and Monika from @plantcircle in action, head over to @cloud7berlin on Instagram.

Stay tuned for more of The Dog House: a portrait series.