Dog’s Summer Essentials

The trees have finally sprouted newly grown leaves, the days have gotten longer and the temperatures are warmer — winter has left and summer is here to stay for a bit. As the seasons change, it is natural for us, the two-legged owners, to also adapt the things we wear to the temperatures. In this article, we will talk about some changes your pup may also need in the rising temperatures in addition to some tips from our four-legged experts: the Cloud7 furry employees.

The correct gear

With the sun staying around for longer throughout the day, the air is bound to be dryer and thicker. The gear that you have for your pup in the winter may not be as suitable for the warmer days. Collars and harnesses out of leather may soften in the warmth but this could also mean that they are absorbing more heat than usual. The leather may become too warm to be in contact with their skin over time and lead to burns when out under the sun for longer periods of time.

As we all know, dogs will sometimes rebel and do what they're not supposed to do, no matter how many “ah ah ah” we say or the louder we yell. This also means that they might occasionally jump into puddles or ponds when they are not supposed to. In this case, leather collars and harnesses may become frail and dry due to the unforeseen dip into the water.

We recommend opting for easily washable collars or harnesses for the warmer months to prevent such hassle. This is where our Tivoli or Prater Collections come in handy. The canvas and cotton textiles respectively used in the collections are easy to care for and machine washable for those instances after the dog has rolled around in mud.

If you are still looking for an appropriate leather for the warmer season, we recommend opting for something that is more tough in nature, such as greased leather found in our Riverside Park, Riverlino and Central Park collections. However, although these have tougher characteristics than most other leathers, we highly do not recommend an overexposure to moisture through swimming nor to sun rays as this can result in the leather turning rubbery and hard which can lead to loss of a lot of the original textures.

The Cloud7 Central Park Collection in Saddle Brown The Cloud7 Central Park Collection in Saddle Brown

Accessories for special occasions

As the season opens, dogs are also bound to be invited to the yearly barbecue at the neighbors or the occasional garden party. If you would like to pamper and accessorize your pups for these special occasions, why not gift them with their own Personalized Dog Bandanas.

The purpose of the bandana is not purely for accessorizing. For those with anxious pups, place a few drops of your favorite calming oil on their bandanas before putting it on. This allows your pup to have a comforting smell within reach yet still not in contact with their fur, which could lead to irritations and in worse case scenario burns.

Personalized Dog Bandana Linen Jungle Personalized Dog Bandana Linen Jungle

Outdoor and garden Dog Beds

Many households tend to spend a lot more time outdoors in their garden during the warmer months, let it be for family BBQs, tending to the garden, afternoon coffee or just simply to enjoy the fresh air. Don’t let your pup’s pacing back and forth unsure of where to sit and jumping up on the furniture ruin the peaceful moment. Similarly to outdoor furniture for humans, our range of Outdoor Dog Beds have one differing purpose to the others; that is to withstand any weather that comes their way. Summer storms, blazing sun and unexpected blasts of wind and sand, your pup’s designated relaxing place in the garden should not be easily worn down. Thanks to years of research and experience, our production team has been able to develop outdoor beds that will survive various weather forecasts.

Hand-filled mattresses and made with the strongest materials sourced from the furniture industry, our Outdoor Beds with its tough exterior are low-maintenance yet comfortable for the user. Highly water-resistant, dirt and dust can simply be wiped off and once the season has turned, simply change its cover to one of our indoor versions for a more suitable look to fit the interior of your living room.

Although our Outdoor Beds are made to withstand harsh weather, please note that extreme weather conditions could damage both the cover and the mattress. We recommend changing the covers as mentioned above or simply put it in storage for next year.

Our Sleepy and Siesta Dog Beds are available in outdoor and indoor versions with interchangable covers.

Dog Bed Sleepy Graphit Outdoor Dog Bed Sleepy Graphit Outdoor

Spontaneous hiking trips on the weekend

We all know the feeling of spontaneity that comes with summer; trips on the weekends? Yes! Evenings at the lake? Yes! Hikes on Sunday morning? Why not! For these impromptu change of plans, it always makes life easier to have portable (and packable) things ready on hand. This is where our Travel Collection comes in handy.

Especially in summer, both us (the humans) and our four-legged should always have drinking water nearby. The Travel Dog Bowl is easily foldable and attachable to the leash or to your backpack for easy access to ensure that your pup stays hydrated on the trip. Additionally, when exploring unknown trails, an (when possible) endless amount of treats is necessary even if you think that your dog has a solid 150% recall. As all dog owners would know, they may or may not have selective hearing if things get too exciting for them – we recommend filling up our Treat Bags with irresistibly tasty treats and have them ready at all times. For during your snack breaks, don’t forget to bring your Travel Bed to act as a protective barrier between your pup and the untreated ground.

With the tips that you have just read from our team of experts, we hope that you can make the most of the summer. Click here for an overview of our favorite products for the summer season.

Travel Dog Bowl Charcoal Travel Dog Bowl Charcoal