Snow Day Preparation

As the forecast keeps hinting at the possibility of one snowy winter here in Germany, in the following article, we will be discussing how you can best prepare your dog for walks in the snow.

Not all dogs are equipped for low temperatures, especially those with shorter coat such as the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Weimaraner and the fluffy yet eye-deceiving Poodle. After interviewing several members of our team, including their two-legged owners, we curated what we think is our best snow day outfit and routine. Of course these are just recommendations from our team members and in no way acts as a rulebook. The following can simply be used as a guide in determine which coat works best for your pup.

Which dog coat fits my dog?

According to our low-to-the-ground dog sources aka Otis and Pauli: we highly recommend opting for a coat that covers our broad chests and almost fur-less bellies. The best options include our Brooklyn Dog Coat Waxed Tartan which has an extremely waterproof outer material to wick any possible moisture or coldness away. For those who more sensitive to the cold, we recommend opting for the Alaska Dog Coat made from 100% recycled PET bottles with innovative technologies that insulates warmth.

Longer-legged dogs such as our three furry bosses: Freddy, Matti and Otto also opt for the Brooklyn Variant in normal and sighthound respectively. As hard as it is for them to admit, an extra layer of warmth in the cold for the aging boys has become a necessity.

Our thicker furred lady friend Peppa on the other hand would recommend opting for a thinner option such as the Berlin Raincoat for both safety and protection from the cold breeze. With the sun rising later and setting earlier throughout winter, the reflective element of the Berlin Raincoat is a heavenly invention and helps her two-legged owners to see her better in the dark.

Our recommendations

For longer walks or a full day of adventure in the snow, we highly recommend opting for our Yukon or Alaska Dog Coats which are especially designed and built with the best insulation innovations to keep a steady warmth for your dogs under their coats. The Yukon is particularly ideal for adventures through the snow all thanks to its extremely robust outer material. Remember to occasionally reapply the wax coating on the waxed tartan and a waterproofing agent for the other variations for extra protection.

In addition to the various recommended dog coats, their two-legged owners also mentioned some tips to get you through the frosty winter with less trips to the vet:

  • Paw protection balm is a must, especially with all those salt grains on the streets
  • Don’t forget to also moisturize those ear tips if you have a floppy-eared dog
  • Coconut oil on their fur helps wonders to avoid those snowball clumps
  • A foot rinse after every walk to wash any salt grains away is recommended but not necessary, a simple wipe with a damp cloth also suffice

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