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Dog Health

Everything for healthy four-legged friends.

Dogs are curious and adventurous - there can be scratches, abrasions or wounds. It is good to be prepared in such cases and to have the right care products at home.

In case of emergency, a first-aid kit should be provided in every dog pharmacy or as a companion when travelling. This should contain all necessary dressing materials such as fixation bandages, paw bandages, wound compresses, gauze, plasters, alcohol swabs and tick forceps. So the beloved four-legged friend can be cared for immediately well and is soon again on the paws.

Well maintained for good health.

Regular care is important so that the dog remains healthy at all times. Because a groomed dog not only looks good, but also feels good in his coat.

In the warm season, care also includes prevention: An insect screen for dogs protects the four-legged friend from ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and other insects. If you do not want to use chemical products or Spot On preparations, you can use a herbal product as a gentle alternative. These protect against annoying vermin with lemon eucalyptus extract, lavender and organic coconut oil, for example, while at the same time caring for the skin thanks to high-quality oils. Herbal remedies are thanks to the good tolerance are also suitable for puppies.

A clean thing: well groomed dog ears.

Dog ears are available in all shapes and sizes. But they should all be clean. The eavesdroppers ideally have a pink color and earwax is only present in minimal quantities.

The ears are best cleaned with a mild detergent, which is specially adapted to the needs of the dog, cleaned. This gently loosens the wax from the ears and removes unpleasant odours from the auditory canal. This creates a mildly acid ear climate that is unsuitable for mites, fungi and bacteria. Annoying ear shaking and bad smells are now a thing of the past.

For stressed ears, a care product with natural ingredients such as microsilver, aloe vera and witch hazel is recommended. The active ingredients clean, care for and calm irritated dog ears effectively and can also be used preventively.

Eyes open during eye care.

Nothing enchants dog owners more than the faithful look of his four-legged friend. Therefore also the dog eyes should be well cared for. The dog's eyes are usually clear and shiny. If they are sticky, swollen or reddened, something is wrong.

Dirt, encrustations and tear stones are gently loosened with an eye care product tailored to dogs. Especially products with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, sea salt, euphrasia and witch hazel have a gentle effect on the sensitive eye area and support regeneration.

Dental problems the teeth shown.

Nobody likes going to the dentist - not even dogs. Therefore, regular dental care should also be a matter of course for dogs. This reliably prevents plaque, tartar and toothache.

Dental care with fingerling brushes is particularly easy. They fit all finger sizes, are easy to use, reusable and free of chemical additives. Thanks to antibacterial silver ion technology, they bind bacteria and free the teeth of plaque, tartar and plaque, effectively cleaning teeth, gums and tongue.

For optimal results, use the finger cots together with a toothpaste especially for dogs. The teeth are intensively cleaned by a natural, mineral base and plant-enriched enzymes. Dog toothpastes also have a prophylactic effect against plaque, tartar and bad breath odor and make a lasting contribution to the health of your dog. So your four-legged friend can chew his beloved biscuits the day after tomorrow still strongly - and with beautiful bitches.

Natural chewing sticks: Dental care that's fun.

The dog can also take over a part of the dental care itself; by regular gnawing at chewing bars from deer antlers. The horn is odorless and healthy with calcium, magnesium and iron. For the sake of deer, care should be taken that only naturally fallen and collected antlers are used.

For a groomed appearance: the paw care.

Asphalt, forest soil or cross-country - dog paws are going through a lot. With so much strain they should also be cared for regularly. After the walk, a short check of the paws and paw spaces for injuries is recommended.

Sensitive paws are protected from mechanical influences with a paw cream. The resistance of the bales is strengthened. And the skin is supple and well cared for. Especially in winter, the care can also protect against road salt and chippings. Natural ingredients such as marigold, beeswax, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil and rose oil are recommended, which promote healing of minor injuries such as scratches and cracks.

The use of a skin care cream is also highly recommended in the case of calluses - a thick, keratinised protective layer on the elbow, ankle or breastbone. The skin remains soft, inflammations are prevented and existing calluses are reduced.

Good for the dog's stomach.

For most dogs there is nothing better than to eat - breakfast, dinner, snacks and whatever else there is to eat. That can take a lot out of a dog's stomach. With a balanced dietary supplement, physiological gastrointestinal function can be supported and strengthened. Natural ingredients such as flea seed powder, apple powder, fennel seed peel powder or healing clay provide everything the four-legged gourmet needs for good digestion.

Relaxing fragrances: a therapy for the nose.

As relaxed as dog life in general may be, sometimes there are stressful situations in which the four-legged friend is grateful for support. Whether you're driving, at the vet's or under any other heavy load - a soothing fragrance spray with selected aromas creates a feel-good atmosphere and helps the dog to deal better with the situation.

The soothing fragrance spray is used on blankets or furniture and delights dogs and masters with a pleasant lavender scent or other aromas that harmonise naturally. The natural essential oils ensure relaxation and well-being, so that the four-legged darling can master any challenging situation in a relaxed manner.