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Products for the dog lover: practical fanny pack for walkies, home decor & more.

All-In-Bag Heather Brown
Walking-Bag Heather Brown
Belt Bag Green
Belt Bag Blue
Belt Bag Basalt
Goodie Bag Graphite
Goodie Bag Black
Cloud7 RESC7UE Photography Book Everydaystray
RESC7UE T-Shirt Spectrum White
from €19.90
RESC7UE T-Shirt Spectrum Grey Mélange
from €19.90
RESC7UE T-Shirt Rainbow White
from €19.90
RESC7UE T-Shirt Rainbow Grey Mélange
from €19.90
RESC7UE T-Shirt Love White
from €19.90
RESC7UE T-Shirt Love Grey Mélange
from €19.90
RESC7UE T-Shirt Heart White
from €19.90
RESC7UE T-Shirt Heart Grey Mélange
from €19.90
Goodie Bag Washable Paper Pebble
€6.90 €9.90
Cloud7 Gift Card 25 EUR
Cloud7 Gift Card 50 EUR
Cloud7 Gift Card 100 EUR
Cloud7 Gift Card 150 EUR
Cloud7 Gift Card 200 EUR
RESC7UE Tote Bag Dusty Grey
RESC7UE Tote Bag Dusty Rosé
RESC7UE Tote Bag Nature
RESC7UE Tote Bag Rainbow
RESC7UE Tote Bag Heart

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Everything for the dog lover

All for the dogs and everything for the dogs: but how about the dog mom or dog dad? Not only for dogs, Cloud7 also has an extensive range of stylish well designed products for the dog mom and dog dad. From practical shoulder bags for long walks in the forrest or around the suburb to T-Shirts for dog lovers, discover the range of products perfect for dog masters in stylish and elegant designs made with high quality natural materials and sustainable production. Perhaps some of Cloud7 products for dog owners will become your new favorite piece.

Gift guide for the dog lover

Still looking for the perfect gift for the dog lover? Discover our RESC7UE T-Shirt collection with creative designs from various international illustrators. A unisex T-Shirt with perfect fit in grey and classic white combined with illustrations to portray the love for dogs to support the welfare of stray dogs in Bulgaria. The profits from the casual T-Shirts are donated regularly to local animal welfare organization Everydaystray which helps give the Bulgarian stray dogs a second chance at life.

Belt bag or tote bag? Bags for life with dogs

On the go with your dog? Amongst the usual set of keys, wallet and phone, dog owners should always carry the dog leash, dog treats, dog poop bags, sometimes dog toys and even a muzzle. Travelling with dogs? Even more things are on the packing list: dog bowl, dog food and travel bed or dog blanket.
Especially made bags for the dog owners, discover the extensive range of Cloud7 bags from the smallest cross body bag, shopper bag to shoulder bags.

Home decor for the dog-friendly household

Although designed for dogs, some of the Cloud7 dog products can sometimes be mistaken as a regular home decoration. From decorative pillows that match the dog bed to storage jars and storage baskets for toys, discover our range of minimalistic or naturally-sourced home decoration for your interior.
View our picks:

  • Ceramic storage jars: great to keep not only dog treats fresh for longer but also for coffee pods, sugar, flour and more thanks to the airtight bamboo lid
  • Storage baskets: jute storage baskets practical as dog toy organizer or even kids toys: also great as a plant basket for indoor plants or blanket basket in the living room

Coffee table: books about dogs

A dog life is made up of many stories, unfortunately not all of them have happy endings. Photographer Robert Altermoser, co-founder of the non-profit organization Everydaystray reflected the life behind stray dogs in Bulgaria in through visual images in the coffee table book and album Everydaystray. The goal: to bring as much attention to the problematic acceptance of dogs in Bulgaria and find a long-term solution to better the situation. Thus, the profits made through the published by Cloud7 coffee table picture book are directly donated to animal welfare organization Everydaystray.

More gift ideas: a gift voucher for dog accessories for the dog lover

In addition to wine or chocolate for gifts, a gift voucher from Cloud7 for dog accessories will also very much please the dog lover.

Available at various amounts, for small and large gifts, the gift voucher is valid for all dog products across the Cloud7 online store. Digital and also as a gift card, the voucher comes with a thoughtful dog illustration from French artist Walter Glassof. With the creative design, you’re bound to want to keep it for yourself.