1. Cloud7 All-In Bag for dog owner

    All-In-Bag Heather Brown

  2. Cloud7 Walking Bag

    Walking-Bag Heather Brown

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    Cloud7 Gift Card 25 EUR

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Everything that makes dog owners happy

The stylish products for owners.

You'd have to be a dog. A quick glance with the faithful dog's eyes and the four-legged friend gets everything he desires: the fine treats - bought; new dog toys, beautiful collars, a matching dog leash or a beautiful dog coat from Cloud7 - the dog is in any case well cared for. But what about master and mistress?

So that not only the dog is optimally equipped, Cloud7 also offers stylish products for dog owners.

Just like Cloud7's dog equipment, the products for dog owners also convince with elegant beauty and sophisticated functionality. Intelligent design, high-quality materials, best quality and sustainable production - this is how favourite pieces are created that enrich the everyday life of dog people and simply make life more beautiful and pleasant.

Bags with lots of space and style.

Who is on the way with the dog, has usually so some things with it: collar, leash, treats, dog excrement bag, toys, balls, dummies and more. If it goes on journeys, still bowl, dog food and the blanket are added.

For this purpose there are the beautiful Cloud7 bags. Everything simply finds its place in it.

The GOODIE-BAG is the ideal companion for short aisles. Waterproof fabric, integrated excrement bag dispenser, uncomplicated fastening options and - especially important - plenty of space for fine dog treats and other small items make this handy treat bag a must-have on every walk.

For all those who need even more storage space, there is the practical WALKING-BAG. In the stylish shoulder bag with different compartments fit all the important things that owners want to have with them - or even lots of dog toys. Made of robust, water-repellent fabric, the WALKING-BAG is easy to clean and therefore the perfect outdoor training bag even when the weather demands rainwear. But the bag also cuts a fine figure on trips to the city with its elegant, reduced design - whether with or without dog escort.

Dog owners who travel longer with their four-legged friends, e.g. on longer excursions, weekend trips or holidays, will find the perfect companion in the ALL-IN-BAG. The noble travel bag from water-repellent material with handles and details from high-quality fat leather offers enough place for all utensils, which the darling does not want to do without on the way.

The pretty CANVAS-SHOPPER in 4 selected natural colours is ideal for dog lovers who also want to show who their heart beats for when shopping. The Tote Bags are made of organic materials and are finished with a dog statement by hand screen printing.

Loose everything: with the Cloud7 backpack.

A toy here, a few treats there, and maybe even a dog blanket - at the end of the trip with the four-legged friend there is always more to it than expected. In the robust Cloud7 gym bag made of high-quality canvas, everything has plenty of room. And master and mistress both hands free for caresses.

Adopt a Deco Dog: the adorable toy dog from Cloud7.

What could be more beautiful than coming home to be received by a friendly four-legged friend. The faithful family member is already wagging her tail behind the door and is looking forward to seeing her again.

For those who absolutely want a dog but cannot have one, there is the Cloud7 Deco Dog "JOHAN". The lovable cloth dog waits patiently for his owner, even if it takes longer. He doesn't complain when there's no time for him. He doesn't need any food. Don't have to go to dog school. He doesn't want to walk in rainy weather. And he doesn't dirty anything.

But he likes to cuddle at least as much as a real four-legged friend. He gives comfort to children who want their own dog. And he is also a wonderful playmate for the dog at home. The decorative cloth dog of Cloud7 is a lovely family member.

The Deco Dog by Cloud7 makes every beautiful home even more beautiful. "JOHAN" is available in various colours and fabrics:

- Robust, white cotton canvas made of organic cotton

- Grey tweed from hemp-cotton blends

- Fluffy soft from pure wool in brown

- To nestle on made of white plush made of organic cotton

With a height of 41 cm "JOHAN" the Cloud7 Stoffhund is a real eye-catcher and perfect for small and big cuddly friends. The only thing he's not quite good at is barking.

Four & Sons, the dog magazine to read again and again gladly.

Probably the most unusual dog reading in the world comes from Australia and is called Four & Sons. In this beautiful glossy magazine, art, culture and dogs meet in their best possible form: photo series with first-class pictures, exciting interviews with artists and celebrities and extraordinary stories from life with dogs inspire dog fans all over the world.

The English-language booklet convinces with impressive contents, modern design and high-quality printing and belongs on the coffee table of every dog lover. Cloud7 is proud to offer Four & Sons exclusively.

Almost too bad to give away: the vouchers from Cloud7.

It doesn't always have to be wine, chocolate or flowers. Who wants to make dog crazy friends or acquaintances a real joy, gives away a Cloud7 gift voucher.

The voucher is available in various amounts - for small and large gifts - and is valid for all products in the Cloud7 Webshop. The voucher is delivered in the form of a stylish folding card, which is printed with a charming dog motif of the wonderful French draughtsman Walter Grassof. The enchanting illustrations were created exclusively for Cloud7 and are so gorgeous that you'd love to keep them for yourself.

For dog and leisure: Cloud7 is always there.

If you like dogs and good style, Cloud7 products are made for you. Because dog lovers can be seen everywhere with it; whether inside, to visit or outside on the walk. After all, the four-legged friend should also be able to be proud of master and mistress.