Cloud7 Dog Blanket Soft Fleece Dusty Green

Dog Blankets CUDDLY SOFT

Made with high-quality fleece, these machine washable blankets are ideal for puppies or as covers for dog beds and sofas. Choose from a wide range of colors and patterns to complement your decor perfectly.
Dog Blanket Woodstock
from €29.00
Dog Blanket Evergreen
from €29.00
Dog Blanket Fleece Mid Blue
from €25.00
Dog Blanket Soft Fleece Dusty Green
from €25.00
Dog Blanket Soft Fleece Dove Blue
from €25.00
Dog Blanket Fleece Sand
from €25.00
Dog Blanket Fleece Dark Grey
from €25.00

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Indoor & outdoor dog mat and dog blanket

Do dogs like and need blankets?

A dog blanket helps keep your dog warm and comfortable, especially during the colder winter months where puppies, young dogs and senior dogs are more susceptible to catching a cold. Additionally, dogs recovering from medical procedures could also benefit from a dog blanket, as they need most of their energy reserved for healing. For extra comfort, the soft dog blankets from the Cloud7 range. The extra soft blankets for dogs in various colors made with robust materials are also great as a dog blanket for couch, or dog bed blankets as well as dog blanket in the car whilst acting as a protector to keep the dog hairs at bay.

Dogs with minimal undercoat such as the Italian Greyhound or Dachshund are just a few breeds that love to curl up under the dog blanket as temperature lowers.

All Cloud7 dog mats and dog blankets are machine washable.

Types of dog blankets

For the next trip to your the Café or as a dog blanket on the car seat or in the trunk: the easily transportable dog mats can be easily rolled up or folded together for the next adventure. Portable dog mats with a cozy soft inner lining allow your dog to have a comfort zone similarly to a travel dog bed, especially in unfamiliar places and situations.

Cloud7 portable dog mats:

For the terrace, the garden or even adventurous hikes or trips to the mountains: the travel outdoor dog mats and dog blankets are your pick. Robust, water-resistant and easily transportable, the lightly padded surface serves for the ultimate comfort even on the go. Compact and foldable with convenient handles to carry.

Outdoor Dog Mat:

  • Water-resistant outer material
  • Easily foldable and transportable
  • Great as car seat protector or for on the go

Most dogs love to cuddle up to their owners, especially in the comfort of a cozy couch. It’s not uncommon for the dogs to fall asleep in their owners’ laps during this time. Some couches unfortunately are not build to withstand dogs sharp claws or lose dog hairs may get into the fabric from time to time: Fleece dog blankets and wool blend dog blankets are a great solution as a protector for the couch. Dog blankets for couch are ideal to keep the dog hairs at bay and can be easily washable in the washing machine.

Explore the range of washable dog bed blankets in various colors for every interior.

Soft Fleece Dog Blanket:

  • Washable dog bed blanket
  • Soft even after many washes
  • Various sizes and colors
  • Filigree embroidered hemming

Wool blend Dog Blanket:

  • Zero Waste dog blanket
  • Washable dog bed blanket
  • Various sizes and patterns
  • Also as a dog blanket for couch
  • Crochet look