Dog leash

Buy the matching dog leash for your beautiful collar & harness.

For the perfect outgoing look, Cloud7 also offers the matching leashes for dog harnesses and dog collars. So dog and dog friend do not only cut a fine figure walking around but can also enjoy the matching quality.

The leash gives the dog security; it is the extended arm of the owner. The dog knows exactly what to do. He is guided relaxed through the hustle and bustle of the city, supported in confusing situations and protected from road traffic.

Many dog owners love flexibly adjustable leashes: short for perfect foot walking, e.g. in the busy urban pedestrian zone and to medium or maximum length as jogging leash or for relaxed side-by-side strolling with sniffer units. Cloud7 offers this freedom with several lines.

When the dog runs free, the leash can be carried elegantly over the shoulder - the Cloud7 leashes are definitely much too beautiful to plug into the bag.

For all who prefer a fixed leash length, Cloud7 offers different leashes, both as dog leash leather and dog leash textile. These have a length of 110 cm, resp. 120 cm and are provided with a practical hand loop.

All lines are available in two different widths - 1.5 cm and 2 cm.