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Versatile premium dog leads catering to both style and practicality. Available in leather, rope or canvas and suitable for hands-free walk and training.
Adjustable Dog Leash BioThane Ipanema Magenta-Orange
Long Line Dog Leash BioThane Ipanema Olive-Neongreen
from €59.00
Dog Leash Mexico Park
Nylon Dog Leash RESC7UE Silver
from €34.00
Dog Leash Tivoli Black-Cognac
Dog Leash Madeira Papaya
Dog Leash Tiergarten Moss
from €119.00
Dog Leash Mauerpark Zigzag Black
Dog Leash Central Park Saddle Brown Silver
from €62.30 €89.00
Dog Leash Central Park Camel Gold
from €62.30 €89.00
Dog Leash Prater Forest
Dog Leash Riverside Park Camel Silver
from €69.00
Dog Leash Riverside Park Saddle Brown Gold
from €69.00
Dog Leash Blomen Nature
Dog Leash Riverlino Saddle Brown Silver
Dog Leash Riverlino with Hand Loop Saddle Brown Silver
€48.30 €69.00
Dog Leash Riverlino Saddle Brown Gold
Dog Leash Riverlino with Hand Loop Saddle Brown Gold
€48.30 €69.00
Dog Leash Ravello Pumpkin
Dog Leash Grunewald Green - Coffee
Dog Leash Ravello Black

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Robust yet Elegant Designer Dog Leashes

High quality dog leads

In additional to high quality craftsmanship, our top priority when it comes to dog leashes are to provide maximal safety for dog owners and their pups. The hardware used across our dog leashes are solely made of stainless steel or genuine solid brass, whereas the leather leads for dogs or dog fabric leashes are finished with a combination of reliable and strong rivets and double stitch seams. Thus, resulting in the strongest tear-resistant leash that will last you and your dog for the years to come. Please note that just like any other leather products, regular moisturizing is important and highly recommended in order to keep them as durable as new.

Crossbody leash

The most comfortable version our dog leashes are the crossbody or handsfree feature. The Cloud7 multifunction feature (e.g. on the Riverside Park, Hyde Park or Tivoli allows the length of the dog leash to be adjustable and transforms it to a crossbody leash, double leash, a long classic standard leash or a short training leash within seconds. The double ended leash also allows it to be easily tethered to things allowing you to be handsfree on your walk.

Multifunctional leashes:

Leather dog accessories

A classic leather dog leash and matching collar set is timeless yet still trendy and elegant for every walk. In addition to the classic elegant collections Tiergarten and Nubuck leather Ravello are smooth leather dog leads — Riverlino dog leash for small dogs, Riverside Park and Central Park — from its material characteristics slightly more durable than others. The natural characteristics of smooth leather allows it to withstand moisture from occasional swims and falls back into its natural state after a thorough drying period away from the harsh sun. Please note that just like any other natural leather products, regular conditioning is recommended to lengthen the longevity of the smooth leather dog collar, leash and harnesses as well as avoid a porous structure.

Smooth leather dog leashes

All Cloud7 leather leashes for dogs are available in two various widths for small dogs such as Chihuahuas or miniature dachshund and extra wide for Ridgebacks, Golden Retrievers and St. Bernards.

Vegan dog walking accessories

Even though Cloud7 solely uses leather by product sourced from the food industry, the continuous new and innovative development of products free from any traces of animals is high on our priority list. As a result, the complete vegan collections Planten and Blomen was created to kick off our journey. Matching rope collars and leashes for dogs, the two vegan collections are complimented with imitation leather made from cactus fibres. We still however kept the elegant designs of the dog leashes despite the naturally sourced materials.

  • Dog leash from soft cotton rope
  • Multifunctional adjustable leash
  • Leather detailing from cactus fibres
  • Solid brass carabiners
  • Braided linen rope dog leash
  • Multifunctional adjustable leash
  • Leather detailing from cactus fibre
  • Solid brass carabiners

Fabric dog leashes

The advantage of fabric dog leashes is that they are completely machine washable. But in addition to its machine washable characteristics, fabric dog leashes are suitable for the occasional swims. The washable dog leads are despite their lightness highly durable such as the length adjustable dog leashes enhanced with cactus leather (e.g. Planten and Blomen or the robust combination with suede or smooth leather (e.g. Tivoli and Prater. Please refer to each product page for detailed care instructions for the dog leashes with leather detailing.

  • High quality leather
  • Length adjustable
  • Colorful summer colorway
  • Crochet look with vibrant colors
  • Various timeless colors Olive, Black and Grey
  • Multifunctional dog leash
  • Highly durable dog leash with double seam stitching

Made in Europe

Both our leather and fabric dog leash collections: crossbody leash, classic standard leash or the smooth leather leash are all carefully made by hand at our production partners. Thus resulting in the exceptional quality complete with highly durable stainless steel buckles, rings and carabiners as well as intricate stitching for a strong withhold.